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Hi! The name is Lillian Ortiz. I was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania I began my pre-professional dance training with the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet for a total of four years and went on to further my training after high school with the Miami City Ballet School. After discovering Ballet Magnificat I attended their summer dance intensive in 2010 and then never left. I participated in their trainee program for a total of two years before being promoted to an apprentice position in 2012, and then as an official Alpha Company Artist in August 2014. Now Residing in Jackson, Mississippi going on 7 years, this Puerto Rican boricua has come to embrace the southern culture and hospitality.  
I have awesome parents and I love my brother and sister. I am allergic to cats and dogs so unfortunately, I've kept my distance from those adorable furry critters. I have filled that void with numerous beta fish in which I nurture with the utmost love and care. I also have an obsession with pigs and unicorns, which I have yet to own.   
I enjoy being healthy, traveling, dancing, reading, painting, listening to beautiful music, crafting with all sorts of mixed media, crochet and knitting, sewing, recycling (soda tabs), and I enjoy experimenting with calligraphy, graphic design, gardening, cooking and baking. I'm a jack of all trades with efforts in mastering them all. 
Oh yeah, and Jesus is my life <3

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