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Professional Christian Ballet Companies

Audition season is here and it's a big deal! The future career of a ballet student's life hinges on how well they perform in their auditions. I know from personal experience that it can be a very stressful time. As much as one can try to prepare and do all they can to put their best foot forward, many variables can influence the performance of a dancer on any given day. For example, if the dancer is having to travel to an audition site the body can be affected turning stiff from long hours of driving or flying. Sometimes quality of sleep is compromised if having to stay in a hotel or sleep in a different bed than normal the night before. Even small things such as the condition of the dancer's shoes, the temperature of the room, or the barre spot they stand in can affect their performance.

Not to mention, there are also so many variables that influence the decisions made by the Ballet Company Directors on audition day. The pressure is on, as in most auditions, the auditionees only get one shot. Though it doesn't always seem fair, the truth is that things really are out of our control. But at least as Christians, we believe and know that God IS in control and that he is worth trusting.

My advice to dancers is that they consider auditioning for more than one company; As many as possible!  Sure we all have our favorite dream companies and dream careers, but if you truly love dancing and desire to do it professionally one day, I would keep my horizons open if I were you.

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The fact is, the more options you consider, the higher the likelihood is that you will end up with a career dancing SOMEWHERE and in the end isn't that all a passionate dancer wants? Maybe you haven't considered the idea of auditioning for multiple companies because you are a Christian ballerina unaware of all the options that are out there for you. In this day and age with the Internet and Google, it's usually no problem hunting down information, but the one thing I've noticed that is lacking in the World Wide Web is a comprehensive list of CHRISTIAN  ballet companies for Christian dancers so I've taken it upon myself to provide one!

There are several wonderful professional Christian ballet companies/ministries out there just waiting for you to discover. Whether you are a student in search of a good summer program or are actually looking to land a position dancing professionally, I believe you will find this list to be very helpful. Most of these companies offer summer dance intensives for hardworking aspiring ballerinas, and most of these companies also hold auditions each year in search for the perfect dancers to fill their available spots. It could be you! Continue on below to view the list and be sure to visit the companies' websites using the links provided in the last column of the chart to get more details on what is offered!

Commit  to  the  Lord  whatever  you  do, 
 and  he  will  establish  your  plans.

Proverbs  16:3

↓  The  Top  Professional  Christian  Dance  Companies  ↓

Ballet Company Description Website
Ballet Magnificat

World's premier full-time professional Christian ballet company committed to presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ through dance. (Jackson, MS)
Ballet 5:8 Ballet 5:8 is the only major Christian professional ballet company in the Midwest. Ballet 5:8 is dedicated to engaging audiences in discussion of life and faith through breathtaking dance performance. (Frankfort, IL)

Instruments Ballet Company Instruments is a dance company based in beautiful Portland, Oregon. We are passionate about using dance as an instrument to express the hope and love of God in Christ Jesus. (Portland, Oregon)
Paradosi Christian Ballet Company We Exist To Worship God, Love People, Share The Gospel, & To Make Disciples Of Jesus Everywhere We Go! - As A Ministry We Believe That God Has Called Us To. (Tacoma, WA)
Light of the World Light of the World Ballet is a full-time professional ballet company which performs locally, state-wide, and tours nationally and internationally. The desire of the company is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in an unconventional way as the art of dance moves through barriers to minister the love and power of the Holy Spirit. (Syracuse, NY)
Glorify Dance Theater Glorify Dance Theatre (GDT) is the resident ballet company at Glorify Performing Arts! Using contemporary ballet to tell stories and explore themes of Christianity, our company will present 2 main stage shows per year and will be available to travel locally to churches and outreach functions presenting shorter performances.(Wester Chester, PA)
Petra Ballet Co. Petra Ballet Company desires to give Jesus Christ the highest praise with our talents. Our mission is to exalt His name through dance, revive hearts through worship, and make Him known through excellence in the arts. With Jesus as the foundation of this company, we are committed to share our passion for Him locally, to the city of Springfield, as well as nationally. Petra Ballet Company is a non-profit organization. (Springfield, MO)
Anastasis Ballet Company Anastasis is a non-profit professional ballet company based in Tracy, CA. We use the art of dance to worship our Lord Jesus Christ and inspire others to use their talents and gifts as an expression of love toward their Savior. (Dublin, CA)
Ballet Excelsior Ballet Excelsior of Houston, a professional Christian dance company, using the art of dance to glorify God. Ballet Excelsior of Houston, established in 2002 by Liza Pollok, presents the Christian message of inspiration and hope through the language of dance. (Houston, TX)
Dance Revolution/ Ingredients Dance Company Ingredients is made up of dancers with all the right ingredients to take the gospel in all forms of dance to this nation and the world. We are training our members with the head, heart, and soul knowledge that it takes to be a professional in the arena of dance and also to be a minister of the gospel.Both Company and Trainees perform at outreach opportunities, stadium events, and on tour with the Dance Revolution Convention. It is our heart and mission to reach the world for Christ through dance. (Southlake, TX)
Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet exists to “love all and serve all” as the church embodied through the visible form of dance.  Ekklesia holds a diverse compilation of repertory that spans a full spectrum of emotion, physicality, and vocabulary which address major issues our world is facing today such as poverty, inequality, and human suffering.   Ekklesia’s passionate performers, choreographers, and collaborators are committed to presenting innovative work that speaks to every audience member in an effort to heal our world. (Killingworth, CT )
Spring Dance Company Springs Dance Company is a vibrant contemporary dance organization bringing creative and engaging dance to a diverse range of venues and communities. Founded over 35 years ago, we are one of the longest-established dance companies in the UK. (Lampmead Road, London SE12 8QJ)
Dramatic Truth Ballet Theater Dramatic Truth Ballet Theatre is a professional, neoclassical ballet company which tours nationally and internationally. Always powerful, Dramatic Truth Ballet Theatre presents ballets with moving, thought provoking Christian themes, inspiring dancers and audiences alike. (Kansas City, MO)
Zion Dance Project ZDP operates as a project dance company, with the unique capacity to present work in traditional and unconventional venues. Professional level dancers are hired to rehearse and perform based on varying project events.  ZDP is available to concert theaters, churches, conferences, studios, music videos, special events, and festivals. Taking dance experiences to organizations and ministries nationally and internationally for the purpose of enlightenment. (Dallas, TX)
Ad Deum Dance Company A professional contemporary/modern dance company based in Houston, Texas with a to create and perform excellent and vital works of dance that serve to wash over the heart and soul of humanity with relevant meaning and redemptive hope. Ad Deum Dance Company embraces a calling to present dance infused with a redemptive purpose, serving the needs of humanity with beauty, grace and hope. (Houston, TX)
Magnum Opus Ballet The purpose of Magnum Opus is to be a company that dances with integrity while spreading the zeal of our Creator through pure artistic movement. (Madison, WI)
New Creation Dance Company  New Creation is a professional performing company and nonprofit ministry. Our desire is to use the art of dance to glorify the name of Jesus and make him known. We offer performances, workshops, master classes, and local weekly classes. (Little Rock, AR)
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 God  bless  all  your  auditions!

If any other noteworthy companies you know of were left off this list please share them with us in the comment section down below or contact me at to get them added to the list! Auditionees might also want to check out this other helpful resource:
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  1. Thank you so much for creating this post! We love seeing how God is reclaiming the arts for His glory through so many of these wonderful dance ministries. Thank you for sharing this wonderful resource for the next generation of Christian dancers as they seek God's will for where they are to train and serve.