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My name is Lillian and I'm the occupied optimist this blog is referring to!

-*"To be busy and active," perfectly describes me, and this blog! There is never a moment, minute, or day that goes by that I'm not working on some project or something. I LOVE projects, some which will be featured on this blog! I was created to create. It is never a good day unless some outlet for creativity is built into it. My nickname is Lillybee by some because I can usually be found "buzzing" around busily, BUT not in vain may it be known! The goal is that God be glorified in all that I commit my time to. As much as this blog is about productivity and getting stuff done, this blog is also about balance and about what the true meanings of those things are. Mankind was not solely created for work, but also rest.

 - *"A person who tends to be hopeful and confident about the future or the success of something." Yup, that's me too! I love the way writer, Mari Andrew puts it, believing that optimism is more than just an inherent personality trait but "an internal decision with an outward action. You don’t have to feel optimistic to act from a place of optimism," as seen at Medium.com/wordsthatmatter. She shares with us a bit of her frustration with the fact that optimism is often mistaken for naiveté when in turn, optimism requires discipline and can actually be hard work! I agree. While it is possible to be an optimist and not have faith, or have faith and not be an optimist, I must attribute my faith in Jesus Christ as being the source of my optimism.
*Oxford Dictionaries        

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The facts:
The Occupied Optimist was established in 2016 at the realization that I actually have a story to tell. We all do! It has been over an extended period of time during this season of my life of getting to travel the world and meet all kinds of different people from various walks of life, that I've come to perceive just how similar people are to one another. Everyone can associate with the fact that this life can be real hard sometimes. The struggle is real. Yet, at other times it can be so beautiful and sweet. Everyone is familiar with the feelings and emotions of pain, sorrow, joy, and happiness, and these things are what makes our stories so relatable to one another. There is comfort found in familiarity which is one thing I hope can be gained for those of you stopping by to visit my blog. I also hope that after each time you visit, you will leave more inspired then when you came; that as you spend time on my blog, an awareness of just how beautiful YOUR story is will be developed, motivating you to go out and live life more abundantly! 
The Occupied Optimist is primarily a lifestyle blog where you can follow me and my inspirations, life lessons learned, DIY projects, travel adventures and more!! 2 to 3 new post updates can be expected each week. Topics I am apt to post about may include but are not limited to entries about my Christian faith and personal walk with Jesus, ballet, crocheting, knitting, sewing, paper crafting, and whatever goes down in my kitchen.
Some things that The Occupied Optimist is not is a place where I'm going to pretend to be an expert on all things discussed, because I'm not. Please feel free to join in on the different topics and let me know what you think. Let your voice be heard! I'm listening, and love reader interaction! There are places to leave comments at the bottom of every page on this site so let’s get a discussion started! I love hearing from you! Secondly, this blog is not a marketplace where I will force sales upon you or spam my posts with affiliate links. I will say that from time to time affiliate links will be found in my blog posts featuring certain products I truly endorse, being presented in an honest light based on my genuine choice, preference, and opinions. For your knowledge, blog posts containing affiliate links will always be noted at the end of the post. For more information on this, check out my disclosure page. You can always visit my shop page if you want to know more about the beautiful creations I sell.

The founder, author, & artist:
I was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and when it comes to crafting, I've been doing it ever since I can remember. Regarding dance, I began studying the art of ballet at a pre-professional level with the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet in 2004 for a total of four years and went on to further my training after high school with the Miami City Ballet School for two years. After discovering Ballet Magnificat I attended their summer dance intensive in 2010 and then never left. I participated in their trainee program for a total of two years before being promoted to an apprentice position in 2012, and then as an official Alpha Company Artist in August 2014. Now Residing in Jackson, Mississippi going on 9 years, this Puerto Rican boricua has come to embrace the southern culture and hospitality.

I have awesome parents and I love my brother and sister. I am allergic to cats and dogs so unfortunately, I've kept my distance from those adorable furry critters. I have filled that void with numerous beta fish in which I've nurture with the utmost love and care. I also have an obsession with pigs and unicorns, which I have yet to own. I love Jesus more than anything. I enjoy being healthy, traveling, dancing, reading, painting, listening to beautiful music, crafting with all sorts of mixed media, crochet and knitting, sewing, recycling (soda tabs), calligraphy, business marketing, web designing with a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS coding, gardening, cooking, baking, and blogging. 😊 I'm a jack of all trades with efforts in mastering everything!

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