Friday, May 20, 2016

10 Things to do this Summer

With a two-week vacation before me and the whole month of June before the Ballet Magnificat summer camp gets rolling, there is a lot of things I would like to do, get done, and accomplish!

Places to go, people to see, fun to be had!

#1 Explore Lancaster. Being that I am from Lancaster, PA, I have never really done the touristy things and have not taken advantage of all the sights that there are to see. I want to explore all that Lancaster has to offer so that when people ask me what all is cool in Lancaster, I will actually be prepared to provide a good answer, backed up with real personal experience!

#2 Visit old friends. while back in my hometown for two weeks, I want to make an effort to catch up with some good ole' friends from high school. 

#3 Swimming. I don't care when or where, but I need to set aside time to soak up some sun and go swimming! I don't see myself making a trip to the coast anytime soon so, anybody got a pool?

#4 Knockout my summer reading list. With all the time I have on this two-week break, I should be able to at least finish the one book I've started in January. Check out my summer reading list HERE.

#5 Continue in my studies of Spanish.  Many of you may or may not know that I am really enthusiastic about learning the language of Spanish. It is a life long goal to be able to speak Espanol fluently. I have been using an awesome program online provided by called 'Fluencia'. Sometime I would like to make a blog post featuring all the different online tools I like to use for learning Spanish. I had to slow down with my studies because life got pretty busy, but now that Summer is here, I should be able to pick it back up again! 

#6 Make smores. Before things get too muggy and buggy in Mississippi, I would love to roast marshmallows in the backyard and make smores! 

#7 Visit Le Fleur's Bluff State Park. This is a park in Mississippi that I would like to visit that is not far from where I live. describes LeFleur's Bluff State Park as a lush green spot in the heart of urban Jackson, stating that in addition to camping, fishing, picnic spots and nature trails, the 305-acre park features a nine-hole golf course and a driving range. There is a 50 cent entry fee, but the group of friends I have who have been there before and recommended me going, said that it was beautiful and worth paying for!

#8 Sewing. There are a few sewing projects I have pinned on Pinterest that I would really love to try this summer. Not to mention that I have a few skirts laying around that I have been dying to transform into ballet skirts when I've got the time! 

#9 Design new earrings. I've been planning some new designs for my signature soda tab earrings. I have ordered some new charms and have some fun new colors in for summer. Now I just need to sit down and take time to paint, assemble, and create them! Keep your eyes peeled for some new arrivals in my Shop. I will most likely also be selling them at Belhaven again this summer; from the Gillespie Dorms during the first session, and Caldwell the second session.

#10 Coloring. Now you know you have some time on your hands when you can sit down and pause for some coloring! I love coloring! It is as mindlessly creative as one can get. Relaxing and therapeutic, I am not talking about coloring in those new-aged, intricate, adult coloring books, but what I love coloring in are the good ole' fashioned books with the bold lines; the Disney princess coloring books, Hello Kitty, or Barbie; using the fat crayons! You have to use the fat crayons! There is one new coloring book I am interested purchasing. It is called Color Me Cluttered. This book contains pictures of objects and scenes from the home that I think I would enjoy coloring. The pictures seem rather stimulating, considering that there are many hidden objects to be found lost in the details of each scene, almost serving as 'I Spy'!

Happy  Summer!  

Thanks for reading friends,
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