Sunday, March 26, 2017

God is so Good!

It's been such a wonderful weekend, I hope for you too!? Continue reading below if you're interested in learning how exactly this weekend has convinced me of God's goodness! 


Alpha met at 6:15 in the morning at the Ballet Magnificat Studios to get on our bus and drive 4.25-hours (280 miles) to Longview Texas for a Performance of The Arrival and Deliver Us at 7 pm that same day at First United Methodist Church. We arrived at 11:30 am to start setting up.

It was such a nice church with beautiful bells that would ring every hour.
We started the day with beautiful weather!

Beautiful flowers (God is Good!)

Beautiful Margot!

Micky and her husband exploring the premise

Micky and I spot an advertisement for our show!

Rachel giving instructions; The church connected us with these WONDERFUL strong men from a ministry called Hiway 80. They helped us unload our trailer. WE were all SO grateful for their help! (God is GOOD!)

Praying before the work begins

Praying before lunchtime. We like praying. (God is so GOOD!)

Lunch was AMAZING! (God is GOOD!)

Time to get our performance faces on! #bathroomselfie

Catherine looking happy with her pre-performance snacks! (God is Good!)

The performance went marvelously well, and despite the weather going awry with tornado warnings and such, we had an excellent turnout. The Gospel of Jesus went forth to nearly 400 people! (God is GOOD!)

A group shot of Alpha with the Men's Shelter Recovery Program members of Hiway 80. Again I must say we were SO thankful and blessed for their help and for having met these brothers in Christ. We are all works in progress, and my! Do these men have amazing stories; testimonies in the making, just like us all!  (GOD IS SO GOOD!)

Friday night into Saturday morning-

We stayed in this AMAZINGLY COMFY hotel, The Wingate by Wyndham of Longview, TX.

There was a luxurious, clean pool I took advantage of Saturday morning! There is nothing like a good swim after a night of performing! (God is so Good!)

After returning home from our trip, we found out THIS GIRL, my beloved housemate got a job position with Vivid, a Christian ballet company in Connecticut! God is GOOD! Pictured here, my housemates and I enjoying frozen yogurt, making a spontaneous trip to Menchies, one of our favorite dessert places, to celebrate!

That's all folks!
Celebrate the little and big things! Praise the Lord with me!
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