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My Fail-Proof Packing List

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Ask Yourself These Questions:

#1  Do you have a suitable, comfortable, set of clothes packed specifically for traveling? Whether your travel days consists of long layovers hanging out in the airport or maybe just one crazy-long flight to some far off destination, you want to make sure you plan on wearing lose comfortable warm clothing. Airports can be cold and you want your clothing to leave room for that uncontrollable swelling that may happen to your body due to high elevation in flight.

#2 Do you have both formal and casual outfits packed? Depending on what your trip entails be sure that you've packed the appropriate styled clothing. Personally I like to make sure I always have at least one outfit packed for working and getting dirty in, and at least one outfit packed that is more formal whether for church or a night out! Sometimes there's no telling what your trip will have in store for you!

#3 If you are traveling for business, do you have the proper supplies and attire with you that you will be needing? If your "business" is anything like mine that would include: 
  • My dance bag with all it's odds and ends, leotards, dance shoes, warm ups etc. 
  •  Performance earrings and makeup 
  •  Teaching clothing

#4 Have you considered what jewelry and accessories can appropriately be paired with your packed outfits?
  •  It is amazing how a simple accessory like a necklace or headband can totally dress up and transform one of those casual outfits you've packed.

#5 Have you considered what shoes can appropriately be paired with your packed outfits?  
  • A good pair of walking shoes 
  •  I usually pack casual light weight slip on shoes, as well as a more formal pair of shoes.
  • Remember socks!

#6  Have you packed an appropriate amount of lounge wear/ sleep attire and underwear? 
  • It is important to me to remember to pack pajamas! And modest ones at that. You never know who you will have to come across while you're lounging around outside the normal comfort and controlled environment of your own home. 
  •  For those special shirts, make sure you've pack the right style and colored undershirts, camisoles, and bras to pair them up with.

#7  Have you considered packing special attire to meet the needs of unique weather conditions? 
  • A raincoat?
  • A swimsuit?
  • Shorts? 
  • A light jacket? 
  • A warm coat? 

#8 Do you have all your essential toiletry and hygiene "supplies" packed?  
  • Protect yourself. Make sure you take sun screen and bug spray.

*When flying, save weight and space by packing these items in travel sized 3oz. containers.

#9 Have you considered packing any/all necessary sustenance?  
  • You may want to consider having some comfort snacks on hand for long travel days or long trips where you might find yourself craving a taste of home. 
  •  Bring a hardy supply of vitamins. Especially Vitamin C to keep your immune system nice and strong. 
  • Dayquil or Nightquil are always nice to have on hand.
    • Ibuprofen seems to be dancers' best friend.

    #10 What are you bringing to kill time, for entertainment, and leisure? 
    • A journal?
    • Ipod/ Mp3 player?
    • Books?
    • Laptop? ( Note, I would not consider taking bulky and valuable possessions as such internationally)

    ***BONUS*** Always double check to make sure these last minute items got packed. Last minute items that are commonly forgotten are:
    • Tooth brush and toothpaste- One time I made the mistake of forgetting to pack mine and so out of desperation I had to buy a 4 dollar 'thin-as-a-twig' tooth brush from a random convenience store in the touristy part of Israel. I hope you won't ever have to do that.
    • A Pen or other writing utensil- Again, learn from my mistakes. Bring your own writing utensils so that you don't have to resort to purchasing items at the airport or at other overly priced convenient stores.
    • Cell phone chargers and other electronic device chargers
    • An extension cord- packing one of these with you will change your whole traveling experience. I recommend carrying it in your carry on.
    • Gum- Who doesn't want nice smelling breath after that nice long nap you had in flight.
    • Chapstick or Vaseline- The air is often very dry in airports and in flight.
    • Passport and/or ID- I don't know what to tell you if you forget to bring these. Don't leave them behind!

    Consider packing the additional following items for international travel:    
    • Laundry Detergent- If you are traveling international you may want to bring your own detergent that can be used even for hand washing clothing in sinks. I recommend packing the powdered detergent that weighs less and dissolves in water.
    • Arch Supports- If you plan on doing a lot of walking, these are a must-have sneaker accessory.
    • Compression socks- These come in handy to alleviate swelling in flight or when you plan on being on your feet all day.
    • An International Adapter and Converter- These will come in handy when traveling to different countries requiring different electrical outlets and voltages. 
    • Pocket packs of tissues- In some nations, be prepared to enter bathroom stalls, or 'water closets' with no toilet paper. That is when these tissues really come to the rescue!
    •  Travel sized hand sanitizer- Keep yourself protected from harmful germs at all times.
    • Tampons- Sometimes these can be hard to find internationally.
    • A water purifier of some sort- When making trips to less developed nations, the drinking water may not be safe for consumption. Water filters come in many forms and fashions and can be found on  Travel Water Filters at Amazon
      • Fabric softener dryer sheets- A fantastic way to keep your shoes and clothes smelling fresh. Place a couple of these sheets in with your tightly packed clothes, and throw a few sheets into your shoes.
      • Eye mask and ear plugs or headphones- These items will help you to fall asleep any time, any where.
      • A Book light- Read any time, any where.
      •  A scent- I love to bring Vicks vapor rub, and/or Thieves essential oil with me on trips. The familiar scents help me feel at home, and assist me in falling asleep.  
      •  A compact-able easy-to-pack bag or tote- You might find it helpful once you get to your destination to have an extra bag to compartmentalize, separate and organize your things. I like to bring one of those thin 'earth-friend' recyclable grocery bags that are trending these days. I just fold it up all small and tight, and store it in my luggage until needed.
      •  Pillowcase- bringing your own pillow case might also help you feel more at home. it can also double as a sack to out things in. 
      •  A small pickpocket proof purse- Standing out as a 'gullible' tourist in some far off land; the risk of you being targeted by thieves and pickpocketers automatically increases. No need to live in fear, but being smart and taking safety precautions are suggested. One rule of thumb is to do your research. Adopt the cultures style and try to blend in. STAY FAR AWAY FROM FANNY PACKS, for multiple reasons. ^_^ The recommended purse of choice for international trips would be small, and to have a cross body strap so that you can keep your purse in front of you and visible at all times. Purse pockets that can close with zippers would be your best bet. 
      •  A compact travel sized Bible- Do yourself a favor and lighten your load by carrying around a smaller light weight bible that will fit into that smaller light weight purse. ^_~

      *Check out what my pre-travel preparations and packing rituals are HERE!

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