Friday, May 5, 2017

We Will Go In Jackson

This past Thursday Ballet Magnificat Alpha had the marvelous opportunity of performing 'The Arrival' downtown working with We Will Go Ministries to make it possible. I can't speak more highly of We Will Go Ministries and of how much I love them! These missionaries are doing awesome things for God's kingdom and they don't have to go far to do it, but instead, they start right here in Jackson reaching out and loving on their neighbors, an almost foreign concept in this day and age. It was so special partnering with these like-minded people and I hope we get to do it more often. Upon arriving on the scene I could hardly contain my excitement at the idea of dancing for a different kind of audience for a change. We would be dancing in a gym with no fancy lighting or effects. Just worshiping. This is the kind of gig that the trainees would usually be given, but I'm so glad we took care of this one for them. I had almost forgotten until now just how much I enjoyed these kinds of performances from when I was a trainee! We had a blast! It was such a sweet way to finish the semester. 

I've got the rolls of tape!

Margot has the Tams.

Tambourines to spare and one evening refreshment for our Tour Director

She's a happy camper!

Preparing the costumes

Preparing the floor

Margot prepares what she is going to share with the audience after the performance

Working on the sound 

Beautiful Emma.

One tutu remains, waiting to be put on

Excited and ready to go!

It's showtime!

Teaching our new friends ballet

"It's easy..."

Amy Lancaster of We Will Go encouraging us

Leaving feeling blessed.

Check out the exclusive video clips below!

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