Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What's In My Dance Bag

I've always wanted to do a post on what is in my dance bag, and many of you have been asking me, so finally... Here it is ! Enjoy !

Check  out  what 's  inside  my  dance  bag :

My dance bag is an AWESOME Swissgear backpack. though it is not the cutest or most fashionable bag in the world, my mother convinced me to leave my trendy tote and messenger bag ways behind me and switch to the classic backpack which she would tell you is a better more healthy alternative with equally distributing weight between both your shoulders and back. Momma knows best! I've used this backpack as a dance bag and for international travel for going on three years now. It is very durable, has lots of pockets, and I love it!

  • In the front most pocket is where I store my bible, my journal for recording class or rehearsal corrections, notepads for merchandise inventory and scratching down random information, and sometimes other miscellaneous papers.
  • In the smaller zip up compartment up top, I usually store some mints, pencils and pens, and my favorite travel-sized Bath and Body Works spray.

  • The next largest pocket is where I keep my dance shoes. I store them inside a mesh laundry bag so they can "breath" and be properly aired out.
  • I always carry a number of different colored flat shoes and pointe shoes depending on what rep we are doing for the season. a 'Super-dead', tan pair of Capezio pointe shoes, three moderately broken-in pairs of pointe shoes; Capezio pink, and two pairs of tan Griskho 2007's are pictured along with three pairs of Sansha flat shoes in various colors.
  • Since my feet sweat so much, I prefer to alternate between wearing two pairs of shoes to give the one pair a chance to dry and air out.  

  • In the same pocket, at the bottom of my bag, you'd most likely find the following items: a Thera-band, a 28-inch bicycle inner tube that I use (...or should use...) to stretch my splits, a towel for drying off sweat, a back warmer, and my Mukluk booties that I wear to warm up my feet.

  • A couple years ago I had a group of summer workshop students who purchased this rubber pig purse for me after finding out about my obsession for pigs. I still use it! I store random shoe supplies inside it.

  • a mini sewing kit, elastic and ribbon, make-up for coloring shoes, corn pads and toe tape, nail clippers, Orajel for numbing pain, Neosporin, carpet tacks, and super glue can all be found inside my pig pouch. What an assortment of items, wouldn't ya say!

  • In another pocket, you'd find the rest of my warm-up clothing and dance apparel: My Ballet Magnificat company jacket (If I'm not wearing it because I seem to live in it!), a pair of Soffe shorts or trash bag shorts, a ballet skirt and a pair of rolled up leggings.

  • My AWESOME Swissgear back pack does also have a compartment for storing a laptop which my laptop will sometimes occupy if I plan on going to the library and blogging after a day of dance. And of course, my swell bottle is with me wherever I go. It fits perfectly in the side pocket of my backpack so dehydration is never an issue while I'm at dance. 

Bags, bags everywhere! Ya know it's Summer Dance Camp time when the hallways become lined with double the amount of dance bags and shoes than what's normal! Makes me wonder, What's in YOUR dance bag!? Comment down below!

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  1. Such an interesting post! You have a really lovely smile too :)


  2. Love your blog!! I'm also a dancer and i have a blog and i would love for you to check it out!! i also do other posts such as beauty, travel and life blog posts!! www.elizaschoenmaker.blogspot.com.au

    1. Hello! Eliza, It is so nice to meet fellow dancers like me on the web! Thanks for introducing yourself and I will definitely check out your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine! Happy Blogging!