Friday, November 24, 2017

November Update

Though feeling slightly defeated as I have failed to come up with a unique title for this blog post, I find that the title I've chosen is a 'WIN' in the area of being clear and to the point! 😊 Continue reading if you are interested in learning about what I've been up to this month so far! 

It is so good to be back in town (Jackson, Mississippi), after nearly two long months of touring. It is nice to get back into routine and attend my local church again. We've been rehearsing up a storm in preparation for the upcoming handful of Christmas shows we have, which will finish off our performance season before the start of next year!

 To kick off the holiday season, this past weekend my housemates and I decorated our house for Christmas. Oh, how I just love this time of year!!!

The fundraising season continues as the Ballet Magnificat Alpha company prepares for traveling to Israel next semester. On Monday, Ingrid and I got together to work on pointe shoe decorating. We sell these decorated pointe shoes at our shows and on our online gift shop to raise money for our missions trips. If by chance you might be interested in helping me get to Israel, and would like to contribute a little something/sponsor me, please check out my fundraising page HERE. and THANK YOU! 

I love decorating pointe shoes with this creative woman.

Though it has been nice to be back in town sleeping in my own bed again, cooking for myself in my own kitchen and eating my own food, I haven't had much time for striking up any fancy meals to blog about or share with you. Ain't nobody got time for that during Christmas rehearsal season! I did try making this simple, easy, 3-ingredient-only, low-carb, paleo cracker recipe. They tasted delicious and were a great snack to have on hand!

 Ballet Skirts, and Tutus, and Christmas Ornaments, Oh My! I've updated my Lilly's Creations facebook shop with some new creations of mine in preparation for the commercialized holiday season! Your're gonna want to check this stuff out! 😉 In honor of 'Small Business Saturday' I am offering a deal this weekend where you can receive one pair of my handcrafted upcycled earrings for free with a purchase of another item of equal or lesser value. be sure to opt-in!

Don't miss out! Click the image above!

...And the latest news is that I'm heading home for the holidays; specifically speaking, Thanksgiving! I have not been home for Thanksgiving for the past eight years! It is about time! There are only so many Friendsgivings one can handle before longing for the tastes of tradition that only home can offer.

Pennsylvania here I come!


Here's to the start of another Holly Jolly Holiday Season!
Safe travels to those of you that will be flying through the winter skies or driving down highly populated roads on your way to see family and loved ones!
 God Bless!

-  Have  A  Very  Happy Thanksgiving!  -


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  1. First of, your blog is very impressive I love it soo much. You're a touring ballet dancer! That's like my dream! I'm a former ballet dancer but I'm thinking about getting back into the profession. That's fantastic. And your Christmas decorations in your house makes Christmas where you are seems so magical. I'm so jealous. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving with your friends and family.😊😁

    #sweetreats xxx

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for such a sweet comment! I hope you get back into dancing whether or not professional, it is such a great art form! And great exercise too! I love it! ^_^