Friday, December 8, 2017

Dancing in a Winter Wonderland!

-  A  Blogmas  Weekend  .  Mississippi  Snowfall  .  Performing  Up  A  Storm  .  - 

 The Ballet Magnificat Christmas performing season is just beginning to rev up. We've had two run-out performances this week so far. We've had one performance of "Light Has Come" in North Augusta, SC at Grace United Methodist Church on Tuesday as well as one in Gulfport, Mississippi on Thursday at Northwood Church, when then after the show driving on our way back home to Jackson, MS we had a surprise snowfall! The sight of the snow had me acting all giddy like a little child full of excitement the whole drive home. The next morning we awoke to several inches of snow still sticking to the ground and everywhere! So much snow falling in December in Jackson, MS is such a rarity. It was such a beautiful sight to see. 

This weekend Ballet Magnificat Alpha will be presenting four dances in a Christmas production being put on by a local church here in town called Crossgates. If you're local you should come out to support us! After working with the Crossgates church this evening during dress rehearsal, I can assure you that it's going to be a fabulous production featuring talented singers, an adult and children's choir, live music (which I LOVE dancing to!), as well as Joe Castillo a sand story artist. More information about the Crossgates Christmas shows can be found at the very end of this blog post so check it out! With only 10 days left before Christmas break the dance season will finish out for me this year with a small performance this coming Sunday for my own church and then lastly, but not least, the annual shows that we present at Thalia Mara Hall. I hope you are coming! 😁

This  past  week  in  snapshots :

It's the most wonderful (and busy) time of the year! schedules, schedules everywhere!

A  Day  in  Gulfport  :

  • We start our day Thursday morning meeting at the vans at 7:15am. The total travel time for our trip from Jackson to Gulfport ends up being 3 hours.

We arrive at the church at 11:30am and immediately start unloading our trailers and setting up

Margot and a volunteer assembling lighting poles

These are just a few of the stage lights that get hung on the poles

Rachel and Grace work together on setting up the lights

My setup job is always setting up the merchandise table in the lobby with Hannah, but this time with Christmas Decorations! I love my set up job and my set up buddy!

We pause our setting up for a casual lunch break at 12:45pm

Pictured here is one out of our two costume boxes that gets sent to the green room

Pretty Christmas headpieces

After setting up we get our hair and makeup ready. There's Taylor!

We begin going over our steps/ reviewing/ marking on stage at 3:00pm

practicing the presentation of our stage-sized cross fabric for an opener piece called "Immanuel"

The show in North Augusta went well. Pictured here is a photo snapped during our piece called "Immanuel" 

On our way home after the show, we drove through the night. Since I am a night owl, during the night shifts I love sitting shotgun to help the driver stay awake. I snap this precious selfie to capture the excitement of Margot and I as we discover snow beginning to fall some point past midnight.

Driving through snow looks so cool!

We arrived back to home base at 1:49am. What a day.

The next day I wake up to this outside my window!

A winter wonderland!

A  Few  Performance  Pics  From  North  Augusta   :

If you've never seen Ballet Magnificat perform, you need to! It's an experience like no other. Keep your eye on our booking calendar for when we come to a city near you!

Dress Rehearsal at Crossgates  :

Group selfie at Crossgates

Warming up back stage

A snapshot during rehearsal


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  1. That looks like a stunning performance!


    1. Yes, our productions are quite spectacular if you don't mind me saying so myself! ^_^ Thanks for stopping by my blog!