Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Feeling Down and Out- Part 2

Hello Friends, In the previous blog entry, I shared with you five possible solutions for overcoming spells of sadness. To recap they were:
  1. Identify the source of your emotion
  2. Fight 
  3. Stand firm
  4. Repentance
  5. Seek Truth

Today I would like to add a 6th point!

6. Taking the Focus off Yourself!
Let me start off by asking: What's on the "throne of my heart" when you find yourself struggling with sadness? Even as believers, when the enemy and his agents of insecurity, doubt, fear, frustration, and confusion try to shake us up, it is hard not to become self-centered. It is a good opportunity to check and see if you have put yourself on the "throne of your heart" where God should rightfully be. I know for myself, when this happens I kind of get a tunnel vision on myself, especially when I have problems. I then tend to draw away from people I love/people that love me, as well as even God. 

Other times, in an effort to preserve face, in my own strength, I will try turning my frown upside down by altogether ignoring the feelings and emotions plaguing me. I will try the "fake it till you make it" method, and pretend I'm okay. I'll even attempt focusing on others instead of myself which may work for a period of time, but what I've come to discover is that it is not until I go to the root of the problem in my heart, of putting my own concerns above and before all things and not until I remove myself from the "throne of my heart" and allow God to take up residence there again, that I am able to truly heal, be restored and comforted. We need to be turning to God's Word and seeking him and his will, continuing in worship to him even, when we are in times of need. Actually, at all times, setting aside corrupt motives and pride which only produces skewed perceptions of ourselves.

This is then when the repentance comes in. Asking my friends for forgiveness is necessary if my sour attitude has caused me to mistreat them. To God, repentance is in order for allowing something to get so important to me that it starts ruling my heart, mind, and emotions, causing me to react irrationally when I have such an amazing God who is in control. Instead of succumbing to the pouty depressed state I would so often formerly retreat too, I need to put my hope and trust in God when difficulty strikes. The one thing I pray you take away from this blog post is this:
Usually, the thing that is on the throne of your heart is usually the thing that dictates and controls your emotions.

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A less fluffy blog post; I guess it's tough love, but thanks for reading. 
I hope it has left you feeling challenged.
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