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Hello Friends! If any of you are still out there reading my blog, props to you for sticking with me, and a heartfelt thanks!

The year 2018 has come and gone and I have not much to show for it at The Occupied Optimist, with a grand total of only 20 blog posts published over the past 12 months, but with good reason. Some of you may not know, this number pails in comparison to how much I usually post, but I can explain...

...But I feel like I'm always explaining... Ha. I guess that is kind of a big part of what bloggers are supposed to do on blogs, eh?! I actually enjoy it, and miss it! I hope to be much more involved here again for the 2019 new year, like I used to be. Consider it a part of my New Year's resolutions.

2018 has been eventful to say the least! I did a fairly decent job of including you all on my journey for the first part of the year, but kind of dropped the ball this past semester. Sorry, in this blog post I'm not going to try and catch you all up on everything that has happened, though if I had my external hard drive with me I would have loved to have shared some pictures of the highlights with you, BUT I do not have my external hard drive with me with all the pictures on it because I left it in Jackson, MS...and I'm in Lancaster, PA right now spending time with my family for the holidays, so I'm so sorry for that too. It will have to be saved for another day. But I promise- keep your eyes peeled for a snapshot update will appear soon!

In the world of blogging  it seems a popular trend around this time of year to share reflective posts evaluating what went down the previous year and then what hopes and dreams are desired for the coming year, so I think I will jump on that bandwagon and share with you some of my thoughts, a few highlights from the year, and a few resolutions I have for 2019, so if any of that sounds like it might be of interest to you then stick around!


  • Attending IBC (Int'l Ballet Competition)
  • Touring to Israel w/ Bmag
  • Touring to my hometown w/ Bmag
  • Moving to Madison- that was hard.
  • LCDancewear taking off


  • More Sleep
  • More Blogging
  • More Making
  • More Roadtrips
  • Loving Jesus More

Another trend  that people like to do to usher in the new year is to pick a word they would like to describe and be inspired by for the advancing twelve months. I know New Year's resolutions can be taboo to some, and I guess I can understand why, but this trend is one trend that I actually really like, since I'm in love with words so much. I never shared this last year on the blog, but for 2018 my word was "Opportunity", and many of those did I have. This year my word of choice will be:

~ Adventure ! ~

And with not much more to say about that. I just know I could really use some this year!

I realize that  this blog entry is nearing its end and that I have kind of strayed from what I originally was going to explain to you which was the reason for why I had not been very present this past year here at the Occupied Optimist. You see, most times blogging about my life, the lessons I'm learning, and about the things God's teaching me comes easy. But this past year it has been hard to be honest. Somethings just cannot be shared in a clear concise manner through blog posts, especially if what God is speaking to me is not translating clear and concisely. So you see, I've actually spared you I think. 2018 was a great year, a year of sifting (maybe that should have been my word-of-the-year),  and now that 2019 is here I'm so excited to see what God has in store! And for those of us who are patiently waiting for clarity and illumination to come in this new year, we can take heart in the fact that God's promises are true and can cling to the one found in Luke 8:17

"For nothing is hidden, that will not be revealed; 
nor anything secret, that will not be known and come to light." 

Adventure awaits!

🎉 Happy New Year! 🎉
Eternal Treasures and Blessings to you in Christ Jesus!
Thank you for reading! 
I have the best followers a blogger could ever ask for!

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