Monday, September 2, 2019

Websites for Improving Your Ballet Technique

Here is another ballet post for my fellow dancers out there! Would you leave me a comment to let me know you are there? Let me know what you think about these resources and if you know of any others!

The school year has begun and I am so excited to start teaching ballet! The realities of having retired my career in professional dance have hardly set in, at least not in the way I was expecting. I had been dancing for so long, so intensely, striving for my own perfection, that I thought to come to a halt so abruptly would be stifling...but hardly! I am just so excited for what is to come my way this next season with teaching! I guess my mind is just so occupied with all the new things. I wonder if melancholy emotions will set in later. Who knows. All I know is that I'm beyond thrilled to transition out of a career that requires so much self-focus, and am ready to pour into the next generation of dancers! I am eager to encourage and build them up with solid ballet education and hope to spark their passion for it. I suppose whether one is a student or teacher, we all have goals and achievements we desire to reach this year. Today in this blog post, I want to share with you some of my favorite free online resources for dance students and teachers alike, resources that might just help bring us all a little closer to reaching our dreams this year. How lucky our generation is in this day and age to have such easy access to so much valuable and enriching information! Enjoy these resources!



Started by a fellow CPYB alumni of mine, one of my favorite things about David King's wonderful resource, A Ballet Education, is the comprehensive directories it provides featuring the top ballet schools around the country and world that are very helpful to students and parents. This website also offers an informative magazine one can subscribe to in order to access stories and articles relevant to all ballet students and ballet enthusiasts of our day. But if we are talking free, this website also has a wonderful blog with a plethora of amazing articles that expound on how to master and correctly execute certain ballet steps, as well as other articles that address proper ballet placement and alignment.  Dispersed throughout the articles are sketched-out pieces of artwork done by the talented David King, often of fashionable ballerinas paired with his analyses.


Don't you just love the humor in the title of this website, I love how this website established by Alessia (who knows her stuff) promotes ballet as a fun healthy way of life for the trained dancer but also for the average joes out there too.  She is right to advertise that ballet has so many benefits for anyone brave enough to explore it, and I love how her knowledge and education are made so accessible through her website with the online classes and programs offered that you can sign up for. Though the classes are not free, you can find workout plans that are, as well as an excellent blog with lots of fun and helpful articles on how to improve your dancing. Look for Lazydancertips on Youtube too!


I absolutely love this website! In this day and age with people being all the more visual, this website offers a database full of helpful video clips of experienced dancers demonstrating steps and reputable instructors sharing their methods for teaching them. Among the categories are Corrections, Combinations, and Insights.

I think we all know how helpful YouTube can be for learning just about anything. Below I will share some of my favorite YouTube channels to follow. If you are a dancer and are unfamiliar with these channels, I highly recommend you subscribe pronto!

looking for "insights into the ballet world and how to improve at dance as well as beauty and lifestyle tips?" Check out Kathryn's Channel where her goal is "to help dancers improve and achieve their dreams as well as open up the ballet world to non dancers." 

Check out Twin Talks, Former professional ballet dancer turned Mindset & Transition Coach, helping dancers overcome the difficulties of life as a dancer with a mindset that fuels their best work.

Former professional ballet dance Claudia Dean's Channel. Your Specialist in Private Ballet Coaching and Lifestyle videos.

Ballerinas By Night is an education and support community for adult ballet dancers. We are working to raise awareness about adults who are beginning or continuing their dance education, while providing information that can help class work be more successful.


That's all folks!
I hope you get a chance to check some of these out!
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