Saturday, February 1, 2020

Small-Living Studio Apartment Tour | Before and After

I am excited to finally be sharing pictures of my home with you! It has been so fun to have a place to call all my own, and getting to decorate it however I want has been the best part! The studio loft apartment that I've landed is all of 150 square feet. It has been such a fun challenge to make this space efficient but also cozy-feeling. Check out the pictures below to see just how I accomplished this!

Before  and  Afters  : 

Kitchenette Before

Kitchenette After



The Wall Before

The Wall After



Bathroom Before
Bathroom After

The  Details  : 

It's the small details that really personalize a home and make it your own. Obviously, my love for the color pink and pigs are represented in my apartment decor, but take a look at the other "little happys" I incorporated into the decor of my place, little tributes of the things I love.

seashells and beach tones

A tribute to the beach

The kitchenette

a tribute to tea

a tribute to butterflies

I got this piece of art in South Africa a couple years ago! It is entirely made from butterfly wings!

Thank you Target for this Versatile 9-Cube Shelf Organizer I love so much!

pigs and pink with my Cath Kidston bedspread I love so much!

Do you spy my small tribute to Ballet Magnificat?

A shabby view of the parking lot from my side windows, but with just a closer look...
Horses and a lovely Amish farm in the distance
My study and craft corner

Well, that is all folks!
I am wondering what kind of things you highlight and use to 
personalize your own living space? Share with all of us in the comment section below!
Keep a look out for my next couple blog posts on related topics featuring 
"Cozy and Cute Small-Apartment-Living Ideas", 
"Turning Junk into Treasure", and "Packing Tips and Tricks" I learned during 
my most recent big move!

Until next time, Peace and Blessings!
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