Tuesday, March 31, 2020

How I Quarantine | Weekend Whatevers

Entering into week three of quarantine; I finally feel like I starting to find my rhythm. It is interesting to think how every day we live is making history, but somehow I think these recent days, in particular, are going to be quite memorable ones years from now when we look back. I want to live long enough to be able to look back on these days, God willing (#stayhome), and I want to remember these days as good ones! How about you?

Hey friends! How are you guys doing? I'd love to know what you guys are doing to survive your time of social distancing!? Even though I am an introvert, it still took me a few days of adjusting to figure out how to use all the free time I now have on my hands being stuck at home. I've started teaching some online virtual ballet classes which has been fun. I have yet to sit down with my sewing machine, but I have been SO longing to, with so many new leotard designs floating around in my head. My goal before the end of this quarantine is to bring those designs into existence. Here's hoping I have enough supplies on hand being that all non-essential shops are closed. Do you have anything you'd like to accomplish during your time in quarantine? I hope you had a great weekend and have a wonderful week ahead! Below is a list of other things floating around in my head that you might find interesting. Enjoy these "Weekend Whatevers" I came up with.
1. Have you guys heard of the movie "I Still Believe"? I feel like everyone is talking about it and heard that it is really good. I hope to see it soon. IMDB describes it "The true-life story of Christian music star Jeremy Camp and his journey of love and loss that looks to prove there is always hope." It available for stream online on many platforms! 

2. One thing I've been doing a lot of is baking during this quarantine! Banana bread, black bean-avocado brownies, 3-ingredient peanut butter cookies. What should I make next?

3.  For some reason I've been really taken by this song lately. I even think it is considered a Christmas song, but I love it so much, bringing me much comfort in this season.
4. Something else I've been really into lately is cleaning my house. Fun fact: Mixing Hydrogen peroxide with Windex is my favorite cleaning solution for cleaning carpet and fabrics! It's a thing! You should try it! It works!
5. One so of my favorite ways to stay in shape during this time of quarantine are doing these videos. I think this girl, Cassey Ho of Blogilates, is my new favorite Youtube workout coach.

6. If you don't already know about "Proverb 31 Ministry's" First 5 App  you need to go download this daily devotional app right now! I just finish a study on Leviticus and Hebrews and it was SO good. I'm sad it is over but good thing they have tons of other studies. They never let me down, 
7. Speaking of apps, I downloaded this new, money-making, survey-taking app call Zap. Deparate times call for desparate measures. I actually really like it! I don't know if my opinion or voice really makes a difference taking Zap's surveys, but the surveys are all  great, easy enough, and not to long. I've only had the app for three days and have already racked up $8.30!
8. I am really missing my "London Fogs" from the Roosted Roaster at the Kitchen Kettle Village, so I decided to start making my own and are delicious!
9. You guys, I really want to own this book. Thats all. :)
10. So doing online virtual ballet classes from home is becoming a thing! Dance educators are exploring a whole new territory when I comes to technology, but I've really been enjoying the process and am enthusiastic to share my knowledge of dance to the world through these classes regardless of us all being confined to our homes. If you are interested in recieving a special private ballet class from me during the month of April contact me via email or any of my other social media platforms!
I’ve been temporarily out of employment due to the corona outbreak, so I’m taking $10 donations via Paypal for Live private classes, but I’d be happy to provide a class for any amount or free, to meet you wherever you are at. I know I’m not the only one in a tight position and I just really want to bless the dance community with this. I want to hear from you if your interested! Thanks for your consideration! :)
ALSO,  one of the studios I teach at, Cavod, will be offering dance classes online! If you are looking for online dance classes of all kinds (and your studio is unable to offer you classes online - please check with your home studio first), Let me know and I'll get you connected to the right people! #Keepdancing

Working on proper body alignment and posture with the help of my toilet paper roll. 

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Chin up, stay healthy and safe! #Stayhome
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