Friday, April 10, 2020

My Ballet Class Lesson Plan

Ballet students and teachers, this one is for you! I remember when I first started teaching dance, It was so helpful for me to look at WHAT other ballet teachers planned and HOW they planned for their classes. "Back in the day" it was hard to find resources online that would help give me a frame of reference for teaching dance. I would love for my blog to be one of those resources ballet teachers can visit for help.

Let's start discussion. If you also are a dance teacher, share with us in the comments below what your routine is for preparing to teach class. How do you like to go about your lesson planning? It always helps me to write down my ballet class combinations. Today I'm going to share with you what my notations typically looks like! Below you will see some intermediate/advanced level ballet barre combinations I have prepared, suitable to be conducted at the studio or even at home. Let me know if you can decipher my chicken scratch! I've included a key below to help you interperet my abbreviations and code. I hope you will find this interesting, even if you are not a dance teacher!


  •  Bal. - a releve balance
  • ft. - front
  • bk. - back
  • FB - face barre
  • R - right
  •  L - left
  •  F,S,B / F,S,B,S - en trios / en Croix
  •  o, i - outside, inside
  • GB - Grand Battements
  • Ronds - round de jambes

I hope you like my "piggy" paper! 

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