Monday, May 25, 2020

2020 Self-Improvement Challenge: UPDATE

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Hi everyone! It has been some time since I've posted an update on how I've been doing with the 30-Day May Self Improvement Challenge, so that is going to be my objective for today's post!

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To get right to the point, this month-long challenge has been A LOT harder than I expected it to be! The daily challenges I came up with were pretty simple and manageable individually, but as the days passed and I tried to be consistent with continuing to implement each one while adding on another, at times I would begin to feel overwhelmed. I've had some lazy emotional days where I'd throw in the towel entirely and just give up. Perhaps emotions are heightened with all the corona drama going on, but I also think it is worth acknowledging that everyone, that is human, has 'off' days. I have to remind myself that no one is one hundred percent perfect one hundred percent of the time. I am doing pretty well with not being too hard on myself about it so that's good.

At the start of the challenge, I was really looking forward to posting updates daily to report to you on my progress as a form of incentive and accountability for me, but I quickly learned how unrealistic that idea was. I know not all blog posts need to be artistic masterpieces or crammed with tons of content, and while through this I have learned how to abbreviate posts in certain situations, it still takes me a really long time to formulate blog posts and ironically enough, the very goal I had to be posting updates every day was directly conflicting with some of my daily challenges regarding less technology or challenges about how to be spending my time. I decided the challenges were more important so I let go of the daily blogging.

BUT let's talk about some positives!  I'm learning a lot, which is always a good thing! This month-long challenge has been productive in helping me to manage my time better and take my health and happiness more seriously. I was encouraged by the fact that I was starting to implement a lot of the challenges naturally before even getting to them on the list. I was surprised to discover the challenges that are hardest for me to complete are all the ones categorized under self-love! The majority of the challenges I have left are all under the category of self-love! With only one week left of the 30-Day Challenge, I guess I'm going to finish it off with a lot of pampering! Overall I would say doing this challenge was a good experience and well worth my time during quarantine! I think I would do it again with a couple adjustments! If you have been wondering what 30-Day challenge I've been referring to there is a link to the original page at the end of this post!


30- Day Challenge

  • My Daily Challenge: Gratitude List

  • My Daily Prayer:  "With life so uneventful and lonely right now it is easy to look past all the things I am so blessed to have. Lord open my eyes to see just how greatly you have blessed me in the small things but also the big!


  • The Approach:  

  • My Progress: 
    • Meal Plan (continuing)
    • Regulate Sleeping Patterns (continuing)
    • Eat Three Meals a day (discontinuing)
    • Going to sleep before Midnight (continuing)
    • Drinking Water (trying to continue)
    • Eat snack and put the rest away (continuing)
    • Establish and stick to a Morning and Night Routine (continuing)
    • Wash dishes right after meal (discontinuing)
    • Pray and Journal (continuing)
    • Memorize a Bible verse (discontinuing)
    • Read Bible (continuing)
    • Fill 1/2 of plate with veggies (failed... Ha I just don't like veggies that much)
    • Make Bed (continuing)
    • Get outside (discontinuing intentionally)
    • Say no (trying to continue)
    • Less tv (continuing)
    • Declutter something (maintaining)
    • Eat sitting in silence (being more mindful of not multitasking when eatting)
    • Slow down and enjoy a hot drink (trying to continue once a day)
    • Set Realistic Goals (trying to continue)
    • Look the part (always ☺ )
    • Random Act of Kindness (prioritize)
    • Have Dinner with family (continuing)

Check out the Full 30-Day Self Improvement Challenge here!

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  1. I just stumbled on your blog while looking for the "God's Hall of Fame" poem, and I have to say, I was amused by how your list mirrors mine so closely! Maybe other people are more like us than we think. :) I may have to borrow yours as a starting point for my own challenge. Good for you, for all the things you are continuing AND for those you decided not to!

    Ha...I just previewed my comment and clicked on my name, and I hope you won't be disappointed that I don't have my own blog. *sigh* I think about blogging, but it never rises to the top of ANY list. At least not yet.

    1. Hi Diane! Thanks for taking the time to drop a comment! It is always good to hear from readers and about what they think! You've made a great point in saying that people may be more alike than we realize!

      And thanks for the encouragement!

      No worries about not being a blogger! It's not for everybody, but just serves as a wonderful outlet for me! What kind of things do you like to do as an outlet for unwinding or maybe expressing yourself?

      Always stay grateful! ;)