Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Hershey Park Happy

The end of summer is steadily approaching. I’m not sure if I’m ready to move on from it... but “ready or not, here it comes.” I feel like I am still readjusting from my trip to Colorado two weeks ago visiting my friend Micky, where I had virtually no responsibility (I was on vacation after all!), was fed delicious home cooked meals each night (so when one gets married, do you automatically magically gain the skill of good cooking? I may be selling myself short…but i sure do hope that gift descends upon me when the time comes!) and got to spend practically 24/7 with Micky and her dear family. 

I have returned back to my empty little apartment here in Lancaster, PA and it just feels so quiet. I have had to work hard to ward off feelings of loneliness. I think the routine that is to come with the start of the school year will be good for me. I have been counting down the days. 

Wave pool at the Hershey Park Theme Park

This past weekend, my family and I visited Hershey Park’s “Board Walk and Shore”, their waterpark zone. It was SO refreshing. I couldn’t have asked or imagined a better way to end my summer and have been so thankful- one of the perks of me moving back to Pennsylvania has been being able to spend more quality time with my folks! This past weekend was definitely a special time with them, even if the park was incredibly busy. We were able to get into the wave pool earlier on in the day before the line got too long, and later we got to enjoy and absolutely LOVED the lazy river. It was such a beautiful sunny day and the temperature perfect! 

Until this year, it has never before been so difficult to answer the frequently asked question: “How was your summer?” I feel like my summer has been a WHOLE MYRIAD of things; things that I never feel like going into when asked, (can anyone relate?), nor do I feel like going into it here, at the moment…but I do hope you all had a sensational summer! 

As we move forward into another fall and school year for some, if you so choose, join me in memorizing this scripture that has been very dear to my heart as of late! 

The promises of Jesus are so sweet! 😊 

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