Sunday, September 18, 2022

End of Summer Photo Recap

Technically it is not officially Fall until September 22nd, this coming Thursday, so I will take advantage of these last couple of days of summer and do a photo dump post to give you a glimpse of what all I have been up to the past couple of months. These snapshot posts are never able to actually cover in full everything, nor do these pictures even encompass half the amount of the people that I have been blessed and graced by in life these past couple of months, but here are just a few of them; faces you may not know, BUT are so special to me!

 June -

My friends came out to support me in the audience at
Cavod Performing Arts' Spring Dance Concert! 

My church, Crossway of Lancaster has a "Community Day" once a year in the summer where they host a mile-long race.
 Though my legs felt like jelly by the end, I had a blast participating and won 2nd place in my age category! 

 August - 

I published that post in August about my wonderful trip to Colorado Springs, CO.
Wow, was that just last month!?

We wrapped up the Citylight Dance Theater season and said our goodbyes
to some of these precious dancers.

Participated in the 2nd Annual Kitchen Kettle Employee Olympic Event they started hosting just last year to help with the closing out of the summer season. Feeling like a winner wearing my medal alongside my teammates. How did I win it?
Hula-hooping. :)

My fellow coworkers and I from the Inn at Kitchen Kettle Village came together to host a shower for Victoria.
The gathering also seemed to serve as a little reunion too and was so fun!
It was a wonderful time getting together outside the workplace!

At the end of the month, my parents and I visited the Hershey Park Water Attractions.
It was such a special time. I just love them!

 September -

I visited Philadelphia for the first time! I experienced only the tip of the iceberg and really need to make a trip back there to experience the rest, but it was a good time!

A summer of firsts; I went apple picking for the first time at Cherry Hill Orchards.
It was more fun than I imagined it would be! Hah, I think I have enough apples to last me till Christmas!


I went with these wonderful ladies from my church! They are very special to me!

The same day, after visiting the orchard, I then experienced my first time visiting Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA.
 It was a great experience but I kind of felt like they were in between seasons.
I would love to go in Spring when I'm sure all the plants are much more in their prime with flowers in bloom. 

The gang that joined me was top-notch; friends of the highest quality! ;)

We stayed till 8:30pm to watch the water fountain light show!
I really enjoyed it- ALMOST as much as fireworks!

Looking back and feeling grateful, 
looking forward and staying hopeful,
in my Savior.
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