Sunday, January 10, 2016

Soaring Forward

Christmas vacation has come to a close. My time in PA has been enjoyable, relaxing, and refreshing but now it is time to go home where oil changes and house bills await me. Today is a travel day for me. I am currently in flight on the second leg of my trip, from Charlotte North Carolina heading towards Jackson Mississippi and as I sit here in unoptional stillness, I find myself reflecting on WHAT WAS and WHAT WILL BE.

WHAT WAS: Right now as I am in limbo in the sky, I come to realize that my Christmas break was also quite productive. Over the past three weeks I started this blog, ^_^ I finished reading the book of Ezekiel, I started up my Spanish language course again, I got to see lots of friends and family, and I got to pull out my paints! It had been so long since I put my hand to the brush, but I am so glad I did. Being creative is really an outlet for me. Everybody needs some sort of outlet or escape from life's responsibilities and for me that is doing crafty things. I used to think dance was that for me, and I do so love dancing, but being that it is now my career, it does not have the same effect anymore. Find what you love doing, and what makes you free, and make sure you find time to do it! It's important! Below is a sneak peak into what all I had been working on all throughout break. Lately I have been really into making greeting cards, check it out!

 I feel like I've gotten a little rusty when it comes to being creative and a little inhibited when it comes to using my imagination, for whatever reason. I would love to actually write a blog entry about that in the future. What do you think causes creative road blocks and the deterioration of the imagination?

That blog entry on uninhibited creativity and imagination can be found HERE!

WHAT WILL BE: Even though things will be starting back up this coming week I hope to preserve whatever creativity and inspiration I've rekindled over break and keep up the crafting in my down time, making it more of a priority because I enjoy it so much. I am sad to be leaving my family behind me, but duties call. AND...I can't wait to go grocery shopping when I get home! It's one of my most favorite things to do (when I have money). I found the perfect recipe to make for dinners this week and hopefully I'll keep you posted with how it turns out later in the week. I have much anticipation in seeing my housemates, ballet friends, and Timothy (the outdoor neighborhood cat). And I'm looking forward to getting back into routine, and dusting off that dance bag!

Last year wasn't a bad year, by any means! But one thing about this coming year 2016; I am determined for my attitude to be even better which will then reshape my circumstances, God willing. That when I reflect on the days of my life or when somebody asks me how I am doing, instead of responding in a burnt out defeated manner, I will be able to respond enthusiastically with a joyful, positive content response because I have renewed hopes and motivations set on what really matters.

With 50 minutes left of my flight, I believe I will now go formulate a to do list and then finish reading my book "The Pilgrim's Progress" by John Bunyan.

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  1. Hey you! As always loved the post. I think that creative road blocks comes from not being happy with your current situation. How can one be creative when their surroundings is so blah? So, keep doing what you're doing! God bless ya chica!

  2. That is a legit point of view!!! Never thought about it like that before. thanks for sharing! ;)

  3. Hi Lillian, nice to "meet" you. The cards you've made are lovely