Thursday, December 29, 2016

Creativity Redefined

What a dream it has been these past couple of weeks during my holiday vacation, to be able to have a substantial amount of time to devote to my crafting! Lately, I've been concentrating on getting reacquainted with watercolor! I used to love watercolor painting when I was a kid, but somewhere along the way, adulthood extinguished all my childhood passions. Perhaps I've let my childhood passions become forced into a slot of lesser priority in my life, in the face of all the adult responsibilities and obligations that have come my way over the years.
There is just not enough time, not enough money, not enough energy...something has got to give, you'd think?!

This past year I was determined to rekindle some of my old childhood passions. I made it a priority and was very intentional in attempting to do at least ONE childhood leisure activity (painting, puzzle-ing, bike riding etc.) each week. In my life, in this season, after a year of intentionally making time to do these things, I've discovered it to be EXTREMELY BENEFICIAL. It has resulted in a deeper enrichment of love, joy, peace, and creativity in my life. It has caused me to become firm in the belief that one's mundane routine of adulting, and doing life can actually be enhanced by throwing some childhood passions into the mix.

Another silly thing that has kept me away from my painting, and doing some of the things in life I love, is fear! Fear has quenched my creativity, and my right to express myself freely in my own different, and unique way. I suppose somewhere along the way growing up, I became overly concerned about the opinions of other people and what they think about me. I've realized that people tend to not always approve of 'different', 'out of the box', and being unique. But those are the very things that it takes to be creative. Therefore, creativity takes boldness. We are not all meant to be the same. We were not created that way. Not having the approval of everyone can hurt sometimes. But I've learned that sacrificing my uniqueness, whether it be in what I create, or in who I am, is not worth losing the joy, satisfaction, and accomplishment that can be attained when one freely operates as one was created to. God is the ultimate creator who created us, and he doesn't make mistakes!

Creativity and self-expression can be a touchy topic these days...I'm talking about creativity in the realm of all things biblical. Creativity has been redefined for me, and it is changing the course of my life, my dancing, my crafting, and in every area
It's not about replicating the creative person next to you.
Get out there, be young, and be 'you!'
Glory to Elohim!
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