Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Last Day Before Tour!

I am so excited for tour! It is about time for a change of pace and scenery. We have been working hard on these ballets, rehearsing day in and day out and now it is finally time to take these babies out on the road!

I am so thankful God gave us wonderful, sunny weather this week to load up our trailer!



We have quite an extensive amount of sets, props, costumes, and equipment that all need to be packed into the trailer. Some of them seem quite odd, but if you were to attend one of our shows, then you would understand. Sometimes we feel like a traveling circus!

The trailer seems pretty big at first, but as we begin to fill it with all of our stuff it suddenly appears so small. We pack it to the rim and everything has to be strategically puzzled together in order for it to all fit.

Catherine is in charge of puzzling everything together. She does a great job!

Emily carrying a sandbag

The harris' watching and waiting for instruction

These bases are what we use weigh down and erect our lighting poles. Each one weighs about 50 pounds! We let the guys take care of those!

After we get all our props and sets stowed away, we close up the trailer and call it a day. Tomorrow we will add in all our personal luggage.

I packed my ballet attire and gear in a backpack; my foam roller didn't fit. I packed my other clothing in my duffle bag roller, and I am bringing a tote bag as my bus bag to fill with books and other activities to keep me busy while traveling on the bus.

 It took me forever to pack for this tour! Maybe it took me so long to pack because we haven't gone touring in awhile, but also this tour was difficult to pack for because we have so many workshop days lined up, which means that we don't only have to pack normal clothes but teaching clothes too! I am looking forward to traveling to the south west because it will be warmer! It was fun to pull out all my summer clothes so early in the year. I forgot what they looked like!

First stop: Texas here we come!

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  1. Wow!! That looks like one big headache!

    1. Yeah, something like that. :P Actually it isn't so bad...considering we have to unload and load on every performance day...we get pretty good at it! ;) It definitely takes nothing less than team work!