Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How to Bounce Back from a Week That Has You Beat

My, it has been a busy Spring so far! Ballet Magnificat Alpha has had quite a packed season of touring, and I have not yet been able to tend to my own needs and home or accomplish any spring cleaning! Heaven knows my home and desktop can use could use it. Now that I am back home from tour, you could guess what I'm going to be doing, The 10 Must-Do Tasks for Getting Your Life Back in Order, but then also hopefully fitting in some rest.

The life touring with Ballet Magnificat, full of travel and adventure is undeniably exciting and it would be fallacious of me to go without mentioning to you how much I undoubtedly love it, but there are times when the nomadic lifestyle can seem quite taxing. When the time comes to pack up the bags, say goodbye to parochial Jackson and all the small town responsibilities I have there, It's wonderful! But all the while we are on the road traveling to different places, meeting all sorts of people, pouring out and sharing about Jesus, exerting ourselves very much physically, and not always getting enough sleep, I think it is only natural that we'd get a little tired by the end.

After returning home we are usually granted a couple of days off to recover and get our home lives back in order. These are the days in which those small-town responsibilities like paying bills, my local part-time housekeeping job, and my own home maintenance are accomplished. I also make it a priority to REST. A couple of days well rested is essential and can do so much in preparing and setting me up for better weeks coming.

The following list features activities (in no particular order) good for rest and recharging both physically and mentally. When approaching each idea, take into consideration whether you are an introvert or extrovert as the different activities may produce varying results depending on what you are. You can bet I will be all about the suggested activities for introverts! 

#1 Get in the word, read your bible, pray and spend time with Jesus.

#2 Journal. Empty your thoughts onto paper.

#3 Do something you love to do!

...Read a good book, paint, cook, go somewhere, ride your bike, go for a walk, crochet, shop, drink tea, or coffee, light a candle, listen to music, watch Netflix, color with crayons, take a nap (Insert your preferred hobby of choice here) 

#4 Take a long hot bath, Pamper yourself. Manicure and Pedi?

#5 Be social. or maybe not.

#6 Whether you are introverted or extroverted I think everyone can benefit, having their souls refreshed by talking over the phone with a good old friend, or close family member. 

#7 Eat Well.

#8 Go to be early!

#9 Try taking a break from technology and live The Life Unplugged.

#10 Cultivate Thankfulness and Be grateful.

Happy  Relaxing!  

Thanks for reading friends,
What activities do you like to do for rest and unwinding?
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  1. Journaling has always helped me process my thoughts and clear things out!

    http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com/ ♥

  2. I love your tips. This is something I definitely need to work on. I think I might be guilty of just about everyone of those...yikes!