Friday, May 13, 2016

Alumni of the Year!?

Time to share with you about a special opportunity that has arisen for me :

✨ I have been nominated as an 'Alumni of the Year' candidate for a campaign that my old ballet school, the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet (CPYB) is holding. It is a fundraiser campaign to raise money for their scholarship program. This cause is very near and dear to my heart being that when I trained there, I was a scholarship student. CPYB provides excellent training and is a safe place to learn ballet. Their mission is to inspire, educate and enrich lives through training in and performance of classical ballet. They have literally taught me everything I know about ballet and I would love to help give back to them in some way. Nominees are expected to run a fundraising campaign on behalf of the CPYB scholarship program, and the nominee which earns the most money will be awarded thee title 'Alumni of the Year'.

I have chosen to participate as a representative 
of Ballet Magnificat. 

✨ As you may know, the ballet company and ministry that I work for now, America's premiere christian dance company, is an amazing arts organization dedicated to presenting the good news of Jesus Christ to the whole world through the art form of dance. We also have a school and pre-professional training program that focuses on training young dancers in excellence to use their gifts and talents to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. Students are given the unique opportunity to grow and study in a healthy, Christ-centered environment. I anticipate that our ministry will receive quite a bit of publicity and the thought of the young secular dance students at CPYB being introduced to Ballet Magnificat by my involvement in participating in the campaign, delights me! I love the idea that they might be presented early on with the alternative option offered by Ballet Magnificat of using dance for worship and God's glory, which was something I wasn't introduced to until 2 years after graduating high school. 

I ask you, that if this sounds like a worthy cause that you would be interested in supporting, please check out my campaign website:

Donate HERE!

I'll have to admit, this campaign is bringing out the competitive side in me, Would you consider supporting me? Hypothetically, if I had each of my Facebook friends and supporters donate only just a small little something, collectively all together, we could make my campaign SOAR and most eminently important, needy ballet students would reap the benefits of receiving scholarship tuition due to your hypothetical contribution!!!

  • would you donate for the sake of the students?
  • for CPYB?
  • for me?
  • for Christ's name sake? let's showem' how generous the church can be?!!

Have you ever heard the phrase 'Many hands make light the load', well... 'Many hands make light the Donation'   ^_^   Anywhere from a couple of dollars to a couple more than a couple of dollars would be greatly appreciated!

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet is a precious organization to me. Thanks for your consideration.

Your Sister in Christ,

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