Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ballet Magnificat SDI 2016 Workshop Recap

Boy. Did I do a lousy job at keeping ya'll informed this past month, or what?! It has been a WHIRLWIND! Though I have failed at consistently updating my blog and keeping you 'in-the-know' about my life and the on-goings here at Ballet Magnificat, you better believe that I've got memories to recount, and pictures to share with you now!

After 30 days of living in the dorms of Belhaven University and eating cafeteria food, chaperoning 12 adolescent girls during that time, paired with 47 hours of teaching ballet, 10 nights of leading small group bible studies that never ended on time (that doesn't included the other nights when we would lead special events such as creative worship), 20 nerve wrecking minutes of public speaking (all company members are given the opportunity of sharing a personal testimony over the mic in front of hundreds of people!), juggling all that along with our responsibilities of being professional ballet dancers which involves daily ballet classes and rehearsing during lunch hours, 2 performances during summer camp, and over the course of the whole program after witnessing multitudes of students surrendering their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ and joining the family of God, I think it is safe to conclude that this year's Ballet Magnificat Summer Dance Intensive has been PHENOMENAL; jam-packed with fun and excitement!!!

Here, we like to say, "Our summer camp is a Christian ballet summer camp, but it is not only for Christians, nor is it only just ballet." Each year God uses our summer dance camp to draw people to himself, and it is a major privilege and honor to be a part of and witness. This year the theme for our workshop was "Unshakeable". The theme verse was Romans 12:2

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

My awesome group of girls (pictured below) memorized this passage!

Me, the 12 precious lives I was responsible for overseeing, and my awesome assistant!

I believe that it is safe to assume and say that most all of the 300+ students, counselors, teachers and staff that participated in this year's workshop were all transformed by the work of the Lord, to some capacity, over the past four weeks!

My dorm room at Belhaven University

Here am I with a group of students in level 6 who I got to teach variations class to.

 Teaching a ballet technique class.

Below is a video clip of one of our evening events that we like to call 'Creative Worship'. It is a time where we simply worship God however we desire, and being dancers, this includes freely using our talents, giftings, and passion of movement and dance to worship.

Provided on the weekends for the students, were conditioning classes. We tried to make these classes a real event for them to look forward to! We usually put a theme to our conditioning classes, that they can dress up accordingly. In the past we've done 80's, Superheros etc. This year we went with "Gangster". Check out the footage below of Bess and friends from the Omega Company leading the class. I promise we are nice! ^_^ 

One Sunday evening, my group and I had a time of
"Testimonies, Tea, and Tears". It was a very special and sweet time.

Last Day. Move Out Day.  Empty Room. Sad Sight.

...but I've been saving the best for last. My exuberant, sing-songy group of girls produced this entertaining video that I believe encapsulates our time and life in the dorms, during the Ballet Mag summer intensive. Sweet as can be, I just love seeing their faces in this video. Perhaps I am a bit biased, but surely this video will at least bring a smile to your face!

Again, I must apologize for such scarce updating during this past month of July, but I do hope you enjoyed the recap I provided in this post. Returning to my regularly scheduled program; I am bubbling over with excitement about all the new blog entry topics, DIY's, projects, and ideas that I have coming your way! Also, I have some exciting things coming up with the start of the new 2016-2017 season, including a trip to Brazil in just 5 more weeks, that I can't wait to tell you more about! Your going to want to stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!
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