Friday, December 23, 2016

A Night In Downtown Lancaster In Snapshots

-    Blogmas  Day Four   .  2 more days until Christmas   .  Family Bonding Time  .   - 

For my mother's Christmas gift this year I decided to get tickets for all of us to see Disney's Beauty and the Beast, a musical showing at the Fulton Opera House in downtown Lancaster. Lancaster is a fun, thriving, cultural, historical, artsy city. Sadly, even though it is practically 'in our backyard' so to speak, visiting it is a rarity for my family. I guess all the hustling of life prevents us from making it out that way. For that reason, visiting downtown Lancaster this past Friday for the show, was a special occasion, a big deal, very fun, and very memorable.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast


My mom and I started our day off with getting our nails done at a local salon... a salon that provided less than desirable service and whose name will go without being mentioned. We love how our nails turned out though! 

My view from the back seat with my parents up front, as we drive into town!

After parking our car in a garage we stopped for pizza at 'My Place' before the show.

 Every time we go out for pizza, I ask my mom "How does it compare to New York pizza (the best apparently)?"
She said the pizza at this place came pretty close! 


Good Stuff!

Next stop, the Fulton!

The cast

Mom and I are pretty excited about everything! ^_^

The show was beautiful!

Posing as some of our favorite characters! 

Lancaster is so beautiful at Christmas time!

Snapping some pics in front of the big Christmas tree in the city square!

Well, that's all I got! Wowzers, this simple blog post took FOREVER to formulate because the internet is being SO slow at my parents' place.
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