Monday, December 26, 2016

Gag Gifts- Everyone Needs a Good Laugh!

Okay, so this blog entry may be slightly inaccurately titled. Personally, I am not about giving out bad gifts that will not be appreciated or enjoyed, but I AM all about a good laugh and being resourceful! This blog entry is not about funny gifts, but is about the ideas I came up with to present/ package gifts in funny ways! 

This first idea is actually not the most original. I first saw it done by somebody else here. I just thought it was so clever and that it would be sure to get some good laughter on Christmas Eve, when we swap gifts amongst extended family members. I feel like this past year had been financially tight for many, and that there had been slight undertones of dread when it came to Christmas gift shopping and giving, so when I found this idea to give the gift of toilet paper with the cooresponding poem, I thought, "how perfect!" 

Of course, I didn't want it to be a complete and total gag gift so I taped a giftcard to the bottom of the toilet paper roll and wedged a pack of gum inside the roll! ^_^

"Money is scarce and times are hard,
So I'm giving you this instead of a card.
Something to use,
Something to share,
so bottoms up, just because I care!"

The finished product; all wrapped and ready to go! I selected two of my cousins to be the recipients of this wonderful gift, but to be honest, they did not enjoy the 'joke' as much as I thought they would, but their parents sure did!

This youtube video sure did come in handy, in helping me figure out how to wrap toilet paper!

This second idea from what I know, is completely original. The other day I went out to eat with my dad at McDonalds and I decided to get a kid's 'happy meal'.  It was then that my brilliant recycling mind came up with the idea of reusing the adorable, nostalgic, little' happy meal' box to package my sister's Christmas gift in! We grew up going to McDonalds all the time when we were young, and I thought it would undoubtedly bring a smile to her face packaging her present in this way! In fact, I later thought it would have been super cute if I just gave her the 'happy meal' box with the actual meal and all inside... but it was to late for that by the time I thought of it! ^_^

 I know I've gone way past the point of tacky with this one, but I decided to also recycle the paper my cousin's toilet paper came in, and use it to wrap my sisters present with. 😄

this light robe is what I got for my sister for Christmas and is what went inside the MickyD's box.

My dad insisted that I put a "Whopper" label on it so I did...

The finished presentation! I ended up using the little french fry cup to put my sister's husband's gift inside, a gift card.

I hope you might be able to use any of these ideas, 
or at least get a good laugh out of them.
Thanks for reading!
Happy Giving!
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