Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Floral Wreaths

Have you noticed these artsy floral wreaths popping up everywhere; on Pinterest and Facebook, on stationary and greeting cards!? With only a little bit of creativity and this tutorial, you can learn how to design and create floral wreaths of your own! They are not hard to make but are simply comprised of leaves and flowers. The sky's the limit as to anything else you might want to add to them! They can be as simple or elaborate as you choose! It is popular for a favorite quote or bible verse to be centered in the middle of these wreaths, or maybe you might want to personalize it with a name or an initial, and give it away as a gift! Whether Winter or Spring, these creative wreaths can be sported on greeting cards for any occasion. Just follow a few of these easy steps and guidelines to get you started! I had so much fun preparing this blog entry! Check it out!

What  You'll  need :

Either Colored Pens or Pencils

  • A Pencil, for sketching

  • Either colored pens or pencils 

  • OR paint and paint brushes

  • I like to have a black pen or fine marker on hand in case of outlining

  • Paper, the drawing or watercolor kind

  • extra scrap paper for testing

  • Something round such as a cup or bowl or CD to trace

  • I use paints from Reeves Watercolor Paint Set. It has lasted me forever!

    My personal favorite set of paint brushes.
    I actually don't know very much about all of the different types
    paint brushes that there are, but you can educate yourself
    HERE if you want to learn about it.

    Le Pens are my favorite kinds of pens
    for illustrating with their fine nibs
    and light weight barrels! I love them!

    My mom is never really a fan of when I turn her guest room into my art studio! 😆
    Check out this article about what my 8 most essential things are for when I sit down to paint!

    The  Steps :

    Here's what you'll do as shown in the tutorial photos above:

    1. With your pencils,  lightly trace your circular object, making a perfect circle on your paper. You will be erasing this later.

    2. Next, I like to preplan and make a rough layout of where the predominate flowers (if any) will be placed, still in pencil and very lightly, keeping symmetry and balance in mind.

    3. Next, whether working with pens or paint, I like to practice my flowers, leaves, and berries on another paper before jumping into the main project.

    4. Lastly, have at it! Let your creativity run wild! Start designing your wreath on top of your layout and erase the pencil lines as you go, OR if you are using watercolor you can completely erase the pencil after you are done painting and it's all dry, without disturbing the beauty of your masterpiece. Remember to embrace your own style and signature of creativity! No one can create quite like you can and that is the best part!

    Below is a time-lapse video of me working on my Christmas floral wreath!

    And this was the finished product:

    A photo posted by Lillian Marie Ortiz (@oqpiedoptimist) on

    Tips,  Examples, and Variations :

    Examples done with pen, markers, and colored pencils.

    Examples done with watercolor.

    • Check out my article on watercoloring tips for beginners!
    • When water coloring a floral wreath I like to paint all the objects of the same color first, before switching to another color, to give my piece time to dry. You then also benefit from not having to wash your brush as frequently.
    Flowertopia at Creative Market is a helpful resource for cultivating inspiration and great ideas for wreath making!

    • The incomplete circle of this simple pen-designed wreath is a great looking variation to the more common typical wreath. 

    This playful wreath extends to the very edges of the paper!

    This simple wreath is done with watercolor and then if you will notice, I went back and outlined
    some things with pen giving this piece a more illustrated look.

    A variation; trace a square to make your design into more of a frame!

    Have  Fun  Designing, And  Be  Creative!

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