Monday, January 30, 2017

Where Art Thou January?

Wowzers! Maybe this occupied optimist has been a little too occupied for her own good. Where has January gone!? This year so far for me, has been off to a great start, though I don't expect you to know that due to my lack of posting. I am so sorry! How do you think I can make it up to you? It is not that I am too busy for you, but please know that whenever I seem to disappear from my blogging, it only signifies that spectacular things have been going on in my offline life. And you can bet that I will faithfully return to blogging once again and tell you all about it! Wait until you hear about all what I've been up too this month!

Work . 

At Ballet Magnificat, we started the year off "cleaning house"! For the first couple of days back from our holiday break we only took technique classes. Then after class instead of rehearsing, we split into groups and tackled cleaning and organizing our whole facility. It was the perfect way to slowly ease back into things physically. 

We divided and conquered. I was on the 'Storage Unit team' outside! We had great fun! Above, Emily, Hannah, and I pose with our respective tools. We were in charge of labeling, photographing, and recording information regarding all the props and sets found in storage. I believe we got up to about 200 some props and sets!

We found a lot of fun stuff inside storage!

In our parking lot we took the time to neatly refold and organize all our stage backdrops.

Hannah had the great privilege of climbing up on the roof to take all these pictures!
Look at Margot, don't you just love Margot. ^_^

A group picture of our team feeling accomplished, inside our now, very organized and clean storage unit! Here's to hoping it stays that way...

One day this month at the studio, the trainee's had an in-costume rehearsal/performance and we got to be their audience! I absolutely loved that! They are such a talented bunch, and were really entertaining and inspiring to watch! I am so proud of all of them!

...And of course, later in the month, we had our fair share of rehearsing as well!

A video posted by Lillian Marie Ortiz (@oqpiedoptimist) on

Just last week we had students from all around the country come to visit our studios for our annual trainee audition. Talk about talent! The studio has been teeming with excitement since they've been here, with promotions being anticipated, and everybody's wondering the answer to our question of who will be joining our ministry for next season?! Only God knows for now (and maybe Kathy), but we soon will all see!

Isn't this just the SWEETEST audition scene you've ever seen!?

...And then there was that day Donald Trump became President...

Play .

In other news, In all my free time this past month...I have gone a little crazy with my card making!

Look for these new arrivals in my shop soon!

Also, I got this sketch journal for Christmas from my best friend this past year, and so for 2017 I've decided to try and commit to sketching or hand lettering something in it at least once every day. This is an attempt to maintain and further cultivate my creativity on a daily basis, as well as it is for me to seek to improve in my calligraphy skills! I anticipate posting here publicly on my blog each month, daily creative prompts for myself to accomplish. Feel free to hold me accountable, and even join in with me in the fun of participating in my 30 day monthly creative prompt challenges coming soon! Stay tuned!

A few of the sketch/handlettering entries I have done so far

In my normal journal, I've finally started a page for bullet journaling for this year! This is something I've always wanted to try! I've set my page up to record my moods and sleeping patterns. It is so interesting to follow the patterns and see how my daily moods and sleep schedule correspond with one another. Not to mention, I've discovered that bullet journaling this information assists in holding me accountable to leading a more balanced life.

Earlier this month my dear friend, Micky's parents were in town coming all the way from Germany! They invited me over for family dinner where I snapped the picture shared with you below! Such dear people; It was such a sweet time!

A Christian comedy movie called "The Ressurection of Gavin Stone" came out this month featuring actors Brett Dalton, Anjela Johnson, Neil Flynn, Shawn Micheals, and D.B. Sweeney. I went to see it with some friends last Tuesday and I want to tell you all that I ABSOLUTLEY LOVED it, and think that EVERYBODY should go see it! I would describe this film as heartwarming and refreshingly, not overly cheesy! As a Christian myself, I found it to be very encouraging and faith building as the heart of God is clearly portrayed, and well as down right entertaining. It cleverly mocks 'Christianese' in a comical entertaining way without being condemning.

Ya'll got to go see this film! We had a great time!

And Most  Recently :

Tommorrow begins another season of touring for the Alpha Company and I am SO excited! It has been nearly two months since the Alpha company has been on a normal tour traveling domestically, and I miss it! It is what I live for here at Ballet Magnificat! Working hard, preparing, and rehearsing in the studio is great and all, but there is nothing better than going out, sharing Jesus, and presenting our ballets that we've spent so much time perfecting. All of a sudden we have to let go, and let God! ^_^ On this tour we are headed to Florida for some workshops and performances in Cape Coral, Ft. Myers, Orange Park, and Jacksonville. For more details you can check out our booking calendar HERE. For updates sent straight to you inbox pertaining to Ballet Magnificat Alpha and our tours, sign up for my newsletter below! Prayers for this tour appreciated! I am feeling super expectant about what the Lord is going to be doing through us on this tour, and I can't wait to return to you with updates and testimonies of his workings! Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support! Now I better wrap up this blog post and get to packing for this trip...but my dear readers I love you!

- Here's to another great year coming! -

I Hope you had a good first month of the year. February here we come!

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