Thursday, June 29, 2017

June in Snapshots

We are only days away from entering into one of Ballet Magnificat's busiest and most exciting times of year! This coming Saturday begins Ballet Magnificat's 4-week Annual Summer Dance Intensive (SDI). This summer I will be busy teaching ballet classes and leading Bible studies. I have also been put in charge of looking after and counseling 11 girls with which whom I will be living with on The Belhaven University Campus for this whole coming month. I can't wait to meet them! As excited as I am for our summer dance camp to begin I find myself sitting back in bewilderment asking, "Where in the world did the month of June go?" June is one of my favorite months. Aside from the fact that it is my birthday month, ^_^ I just love June because the companies do not go on tour this month. Instead, we stay home in Jackson, MS to focus our energies on planning and preparing for SDI. This means I am able to attend my own church consistently and invest in my local friends and community and I just love it, even as much as I love touring!

Follow along with me below as I share through pictures of what fun things I've been up to this month that were dispersed among the less fun and less interesting intense periods of daily toiling that I will spare you from hearing about. Here we go:

A  Special  Dinner  With  This  Couple

During our first weekend back in town from May Break, I got to get together with these two, Micky and Samuel, and prepare a special dinner of tasty salad, rice, and BBQ ribs for us to enjoy. The ribs were so good! I used my Dad's special recipe I will be sharing on here sometime soon. This dinner was very special as it was the last one we would share together before Micky retiring from Ballet Magnificat at the end of this month.  They will be moving away from Jackson onto newer exciting things. I don't think they know how much they've blessed me during their time here.

A  Summer  Picnic  With  This  Dear  Friend

Alissa is a longtime good friend of mine living in Jackson who is currently enrolled in
Ballet Magnificat's Trainee Program. I love catching up with her any chance I get when I am in town!  

A  Birthday  Celebration

Celebrated my birthday this month and got lots of sweet little gifts!

Sarah  Hill  became  Sarah  Krazit !

A post shared by Lillian Marie Ortiz (@oqpiedoptimist) on

Ballet Magnificat company member Sarah Hill got married on June 10th and changed her last name to Krazit. She made a most beautiful bride and her whole wedding was seamless and stunning.

The venue was a gorgeous little chapel in the Town of Livingston, MS

I loved the simplicity of her cake.

And there were chickens which were popular amongst the kiddos!

Micky and I

A beautiful happy ever after

Tara  Thibodeaux  Drew  Comes  To  Town

The choreographer of Ballet Magnificat's The Arrival is at it again setting new contemorary choreography on both the Alpha and Omega companies for our upcoming 2017-1018 tour season. It's gonna be good!

Work  Day  /  Cleaning  Day

After dance class on Monday in preparation for our summer dance camp coming up we had a cleaning party! The ministry bought us pizza and after enjoying it we got to work around the studio and tidying up in preparation for all our visitors that will be coming this weekend! Pictured here is one of my favorite people Ingrid who is working on re-taping the floors.

Saying  Goodbye  To  Our  Tour  Bus

Our beloved Prevost tour bus finally returned to us from the shop this month, so on Monday we also spent some time cleaning it out and making it suitable for sale since we will be without a driver for it next year not to mention it has become too high maintenance. Saying goodbye to our bus was a big deal. It's the only mode of transportation I've known in my five years of touring with Ballet Magnificat and I've become quite attached to it. It was like saying goodbye to a good friend. Pictured here is Abby with her pizza sad face. 

Catherine finds some sentimental card-playing score charts on the bus .

Emily cleaning the bus refrigerators

Filling up our bus crock pot with other sentimental finds to save and keep from our past touring adventures.

Tomorrow  Is  Counselor  Orientation

Today after rehearsal we set up our studio for Counselor Orientation tomorrow. We filled the room with tables and chairs that we will be occupying for about six hours then as we together review all the important facts and details counselors need to be equipped with in order for our SDI to run smooth, safely, and sucessfully.

SDI, ready or not, here we come! 
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