Sunday, July 2, 2017

Personalize Your Stuff Using Modge Podge

For ideas on how to add a little self personalization and character to your things check out these 5 DIY projects linked below. These projects involve using Modge Podge which is a thin, sticky, gluey substance that enables you to cover practically anything with paper or with whatever else you can think up! It can be a sealant and it drys clear so that you could also use it as a varnish. The projects below are some of my favorite ones found online, but don't stop there. Let them inspire you and come up with your own Modge Podge ideas! Pointe shoes anyone!?

One . Personalize Your Books & Journals

I personalized this travel journal last month using magazine clippings and modge podge
 and I just love the way it turned out!

Source of idea:

Two . Personalize Keychain

Three . Personalize Coasters

Source of idea and image:

Four . Personalize Flower Pots

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Five . Personalize Furniture

Take your places of storage from boring and plain to glamorous! 

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