Tuesday, January 22, 2019

How To Improve Your Pirouettes

Hello, my fellow dancers out there! Today, this one is for you! I know I've mentioned numerous times this past year that I've had some exciting helpful content hiding up my sleeves that I've been desiring to share with you; well get excited because today is the day I'm letting the cat out of the bag, and just in time for audition season!

I'm sure you've gathered by now that this post is all about turning, my favorite thing! Take note that the turning tips you will be receiving today are not originally mine nor are any of them going to be directly given by me. I'm providing you with some Youtube clips down below. They are not just any old random clips though, but only the BEST OF THE BEST clips you can find out there right now pertaining to how to improve your pirouettes! 

A couple of years ago when I felt like I was just hitting a wall when it came to improving my pirouettes, I decided to scour the internet, and specifically Youtube since I'm a visual learner, to see what I could find to get better. The random collection of Youtube video clips shared below is the very same random collection of video clips that I came across and watched and learned from to "break through my wall", improve, and perfect my pirouettes. The information shared in the clips below revolutionized my understanding about turning and honestly transformed the way I did them. Nothing I could tell you about turning could be said any better than what's said in these videos. You have to check them all out! 

I'll warn you though so that you will be prepared to catch your jaw when it drops, that you are about to watch and learn from some amazingly outstanding talented people. Enjoy.  

#1. Claudia Dean Coaching 

#2. Chun Wai with Houston Ballet   

#3. Kathryn Morgan  

#4. Fouettes with Claudia Dean  

Lastly, this article written by David King from aballeteducation.com also offers some great insight to help you accomplish all your turning goals.

Okay. Well, the secrets are out! Everybody is different. I hope you can find something that works well for you! My contribution of advice is to never be afraid of failing, but to just go for it! You will surprise yourself with what ya got! Let me know how things go for you and share your accomplishments in the comment section down below!
Happy Turning! 
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