Friday, February 15, 2019

I Love My Friends 💗

Valentines Day has come and gone. It is a holiday I have surprisingly come to love, even as a single person! Commercialism aside, It is just another day of the year that presents us with the opportunity to lavish love and appreciation on one another, even in our non-romantic relationships.

Not to mention, it gives me another reason to craft! Check out the Valentines Cards I whipped up for my beloved co-workers this year! If you're new around here you should know it's become a tradition for me to surprise them with my card creations each year on Valentines Day. I think the cards I’ve made this year are my favorite more than ever before! They got everyone laughing and I used my Cricut Machine that I got for my birthday to make them! If you are familiar with my co-workers, the other dancers in Alpha, I wonder if you are able to guess which cards I gave to which?!

- You make me happy when skies are grey, but also when they're not grey and that includes when skies are green, which usually means a tornado is coming and that is usually not something to be happy about! -

To check out the other homemade cards I've made from previous years click here and scroll down!

To order personalized custom cards of your own created by me for any occasion, special event or holiday you can visit my online shop Shoplillyscreations or contact me via email!

~ Happy Valentines  Day! ~

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