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2020 Mother's Day Ideas & My Plant Haul!

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Oh my goodness everyone! I have discovered the most magical place here in Lancaster, my new favorite gardening shop nestled here in the Village of Intercourse, Ken's Gardens!!! 

I am in love with Ken's!

So I am aware that Ken's Gardens is no new establishment, and that I am probably late in the game in discovering it, but in my defense, I've only just moved to Lancaster PA less than a year ago, so let me have my heyday!

I stopped by Ken's Gardens the other day in pursuit of finding the perfect plant to present my mother with this upcoming Mother's Day. Sadly, due to the corona pandemic most other flower shops and garden centers are closed, but somehow Ken's Gardens has gotten away with being deemed an essential business with their agricultural nature. I am thankful for it, or else I would never have discovered this "gem in the rough". 

I know I went in search of something for my mother, but needless to say, I left with a lot more for my self! I absolutely loved and got stuck in their section devoted to house plants, a showcase of beautiful uniquely crafted pots and every single kind of plant that I could think of; ALL my favorites! I am just a sucker for succulents which they had a ton of so I couldn't resist. These were some of my purchases:

Peanut Cactus, a species of the Hedgehog Cactus
Isn't she cute! Okay TRUTH: I actually got this one at Walmart earlier this week.
Does the hot glued on flower give it away...

Widow's Thrill Kalanchoe Plant

Common House Leek

Glory of Texas Cactus

I also bought an aloe plant, not pictured. Now Bob, my very first cactus, has friends! I always name the things I care for, but don't know what to name all these new guys. Any ideas?


And check out these beautiful arrangements spotted there!

Dance! Isn't It cute!

In love with the colors of these plants!

Look what they did here with the frames! It would be so easy to replicate!

Mother's Day is right around the corner! If you don't have anything to bless your mom with yet, then 1) you are cutting it close! and 2) I highly recommend checking out Ken's Gardens because they truly have something for everyone! 
Maybe you are like me and having to be socially distanced from your mother. This year I am going to surprise my mom by secretly stopping by my folk's place and putting a tiny plant and Mother's Day card in their mailbox. I love surprises. Whether apart due to being socially distanced or maybe even because of simply long distance ( I've had years of long distanced Mother's Days too!) I wanted to share with you this list I brainstormed on how you can make your mom's Mother's Day Special regardless of the circumstances.

Ideas  How to  Make  Your  Mother  Feel   Special  Long- Distanced :
(Or socially distanced)

  • Have flowers or a beautiful plant arrangement delivered to her.

  • If your mom is tech-savvy use Netflix Party to watch a movie together.

  • Make a special playlist for her using spotify or mail her a CD of it if she is old-school like mine.

  • Moms also LOVE family photos. Be sure to include photos for the win! these days lots of online print websites offer lots of creative products you can get your pictures printed on these days; Canvases, blankets, mugs, magnets, just to name a few!

  • You can't go wrong with the classic card. 

Have  A  Happy  Mother's  Day 


30- Day Challenge

  • My Daily Challenge: Prayer and journaling.

  • My Daily Prayer:  "Lord I want to thank you that the veil was torn and that you have made a way for us to "approach your throne of grace with confidence that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need" (Hebrews 4:16). Though at times I find myself praying heartlessly or not at all, God, would you meet me where I'm at and help me to not take communing with you for granted, because you are amazing.


  • The Approach: Honestly, this has already been an established habit of mine, but I will try to reinvigorate my prayer life this evening by joining with people all across America in prayer watching this National Day of Prayer Broadcast.

  • My Progress: 
    • Meal Plan (continuing)
    • Regulate sleeping patterns (continuing)
    • Eat three meals a day (continuing)
    • Going to sleep before Midnight (continuing)
    • Drinking water (continuing)

Check out the Full 30-Day Self Improvement Challenge here!
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