Wednesday, May 6, 2020

At Home Scavenger Hunt

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Hi everyone! If you're stuck at home looking for something entertaining to do, let me tell you about this fun photo scavenger hunt activity I participated in this weekend over Facebook. My friend Marissa hosted and put this activity together for our young adult church group, Sola of Crossway Church of Millersville, and I had an ABSOLUTE blast participating in it! It took me nearly all day to complete the photo scavenger hunt, which believe me, in this case, was a good thing! It cultivated some nice social interaction for us which during this quarantine was refreshing for me, and stirred up some fun healthy competition in us too.

 If you are looking for a fun way to pass the time, a photo scavenger hunt like this would be easy to replicate whether hosted online or just done live in-person with your family or a group of friends! If you go the online route, the most important rule is "No using images from google (or any other websites) for your submissions" because that is cheating! So get a bunch of light-hearted, enthusiastic, competitive people together to participate and I nearly guarantee you a good time. It was so fun coming up with creative ideas for my own submissions, and then to see the diverse entries submitted by others.  You can make your scavenger hunt prompts as creative, elaborate, and silly as you would like. Look down below to get an idea of what we did, and to see my crazy creative entries!

The Original Photo Scavenger Hunt Facebook Event

 My  Photo  Entries :

Enjoy! 😊

1. "Take a mask selfie"

2. "Something from the 1970's" -The song, not the iPod!

The picture I am most proud of and hopefully, Julie Andrews would be too!
3. "Recreate a scene from the Sound of Music movie"

4. "A fish" -This fish was from my door tag my first summer camp away to the Miami City Ballet School in 2008!
It's sentimental!

5. "Find the word ocean"

6. "Something floating"

7. "A bell"

8. "An animal with four legs"

9. "Picture of breakfast, lunch, or dinner"

10. "A bug" I felt like a genius with this one. With my apartment being spotless due to having much time on my hands to clean it because of quarantine I thought, "How ever am I going to find a bug in here," until I came up with the idea to open my window and use the light to attract some! I just didn't expect the bug to be so BIG!

11. "A flower that is not yellow"

12. "The book you're currently reading"

13. "A quarantine hobby you have picked up or are improving upon"

14. "Your favorite mug or cup"

15. "Recreate a work of art" -I had this one in the bag...

16. "A street sign that starts with a vowel"

17. "Write 'Hi!' using objects found in or near your house"

18. "Build a tower out of any objects. How tall can you make it?"

19. "A mushroom" - I don't like mushrooms so this is the best I could do.
I'm actually pretty proud of this one.

20. "The strangest item in your house" - My old box tv from Highschool.
It is covered in gum wrappers and fruit stickers 

21. "Something related to Christmas" 

22. "A spiderweb"

23. "Draw Micky Mouse"

24. "A yellow shirt"

25. "The oldest coin you can find" - A 1928 US Indian Nickel!

Now  it's  your  turn !


30- Day Challenge

    • My Daily Challenge: Eat three meals a day.

    • My Daily Prayer: "The verse from 1 Corinthians 6:19 comes to mind which says our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit, and motivates me to want to take better care of myself. Lord God I acknowledge that my life and my body are gifts and I want you to be glorified through them. Ultimately my health is in your hands, but I pray you will help me to make wise and responsible decisions regarding how I take care of my body, and more specifically right now, with what I eat. Help me not to neglect eating, but to nourish this vessel because I know it honors you."

    • The Approach: Already somewhat enforced by the meal planning I've done earlier this week, so just sticking with that.

    • My Progress: 
      • Meal Plan (continuing)
      • Regulate sleeping patterns (continuing)
      • Get to bed before midnight (continuing)
      • Drinking more water (continuing)

    Check out the Full 30-Day Self Improvement Challenge here!

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