Sunday, May 3, 2020

Visited by an Amish Man | Weekend Whatevers

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So my mom and I have this running joke that the place I live in is Rapunzel's tower because I live in an attic and you have to climb up this black menacing-looking staircase to get to it. Well, lately I've been feeling like Rapunzel with all this quarantining. One of my favorite COVID memes that I've seen so far says, "Let's not forget that Rapunzel was quarantined and met her future husband so let’s think positively here". You know I'm all about staying positive! 

Well, it was all jokes and giggles until the other day I woke up to a horse valiantly neighing outside my window. Half-awake, my first thought was "Prince Charming!?!?!" But Nope. Just my Amish Landlord. 

I hope you enjoyed that little story.

...Yes, my Landlord is Amish, and how that works? I don't have the slightest idea. Now on to our Weekend Whatevers!

1. These Fox Run Cookie Cutters. SO CUTE! I've just discovered Fox Run manufacturers and that they have cookie cutters of all shapes you could think of! Wouldn't a set of these really step up your quarantine cookie making game?! 

2. I am sad because my very favorite necklace is starting to tarnish and turn my neck I've starting looking ahead. I am in LOVE with this Kendra Scott necklace and have been looking at it for years, literally. It is a pretty penny, but the real deal, so maybe just maybe I can convince myself to invest in a necklace that will last.  

3.   I've been sewing away! Have you seen the LCDancewear Sale that just went up! 

 4. If you haven't yet seen this quarantine disney spoof then you haven't lived.

5. This Kate Tempest poem seriously moves me. I'm obsessed. 

6. Mother's day is right around the corner and these customizable towels would make a great gift for expressing your appreciation to them!  

7. My creations have been a little different lately. If you need a mask message me.  

8. Have you guys heard of the fasinating Parkinsons Law which totally explains why I'm having a hard time working from home and managing my time; Not to be confused with the Law of triviality (which I only came across by accident when looking for the other law) equally interesting but led me to giggle inside having flashbacks of the days of fundraiser meetings and summer workshop planning sessions with Ballet Mag.  

9. I've decided I need more square-neckline dresses in my life. Dreaming and window shoping online. Cute, Cute, and Cute... 

10. I'm really proud of what I made this weekend! What did you do this weekend?


30- Day Challenge

  • My Daily Challenge: Regulate sleeping patterns.

  • My Daily Prayer: "Lord I come to you in complete helplessness and weakness. I know that what it's going to take to successfully accomplish this challenge is NOT within me. In my flesh, I am lazy, undisciplined, and indulgent. Lord would you conform me to Christ and give me the strength, resoluteness, and discipline to accomplish this task. I know wasting my day away in sleep is not glorifying you, though neither is staying up through the watches of the night toiling or being anxious. I pray to you and ask that you would help me to regulate my sleeping hours in the way that would be most glorifying to you and healthy for me. Would honoring you and doing life for you be my motivation for getting out of bed each day, and would you grant me the discipline I need to stop my projects in the evening, and the peace I need to lay my head own on the pillow each night trusting that you are bigger than my to do list.


  • The Approach: Well, it is already too late to go to bed at a decent hour tonight, oops, but tomorrow is a new day. Mark my words: 

    • I am going to shoot for getting no less than 7 hours of sleep
    • I am going to discontinue sleeping with my phone at night.
    • The snooze button will no longer be an option.
    • I will not allow myself to go back to sleep if I wake up before my alarm as an effort to better learn and listen to my body

That's it folks. Wish me luck.

  • My Progress: 
    • Meal Plan (continuing)

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