Monday, May 18, 2020

Weekend Whatevers

Hey friends! I hope you had a good weekend! I am excited to say I've finally broken through a creative mind block I kept coming up against prior to this past weekend. I was so concerned and distraught over the creative block that I was having trouble sleeping a few nights last week, but I finally had some successful craft sessions on Saturday and it felt amazing to be back at it. How did I break through my creative block you ask? ONE: I just had to force myself to sit down and START something and TWO: LOTS of pursing through artsy IG accounts for inspiration.


1. I'll start my Weekend Whatevers today by sharing you my most favorite IG account discovered this weekend: @getmessyartjournal affiliated with

2. Something else I discovered recently is THIS SONG I absolutely love, written and sung by one of my Pastors, Doug Plank, from Crossway Church.

3.   I hope you guys are faring well in quarantine. Here are some idea's from on how you can interact with your friends during this time of social distancing and still have lots of fun! 

 4. Fun fact: Did you know I have written articles for xRhythms?! Check out my articles HERE!

5. Speaking of things to do in lockdown and articles I have written, have you seen my recent post about doing an At Home Scavanger Hunt?
6. I'm sure this is old news by now, but just incase this slipped by you, have you seen this virtual social-distancing chiour made up of 65 different churches from across the UK coming together to sing The UK Blessing, a blessing over their land during this time of shut down? I know their are along of different virtual choir compelations floating around out there but THIS ONE is SO UNBELIEVABLY POWERFUL. I get chills everytime I watch it.dd

7. I know Mother's Day has past and that this song by Mark Masri is a little dated, but it's new to me and I just love the lyrics, totally verbalizes how I feel about my AWESOME MOMMA whose birthday happens to be today! She's my biggest fan, and I'm hers! "Love you momma!" ..and isn't that dance just PRECIOUS!

8. Have you seen my latest post, "My Day in the Life Quarantined", where I share my experience of doing an Instagram Takeover with Cavod Academy of the Arts sharing what my Quarantined life is like? It was super fun and you might find it intersting so go check it out!

9. Has anybody elses social media feeds been littered with ads from this company? I SO want a pair of those pants! they look so comfy! 

10. Lastly check out this stunning work put together by the Miami City Ballet! You can take the dancer out of the studio but not the dance out of them!

So I realize the bulk of my weekend whatever this week are youtube videos. Somewhat revealing to how I've been spending my time, I guess that is what happens when one is in quarantine for so long. :)


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