Thursday, December 1, 2022

Blogmas 2022

-    Blogmas  Day One   .  Feels  Good  to  be  Blogging  Again !    - 

Well, here we are. December 2022. I've decided to give Blogmas a go again this year. For those of you who don't know Blogmas is when bloggers everywhere commit to posting daily material pertaining to Christmas, lasting for 25 days starting the 1st of December and leading up until Christmas day! It is a fun way to get into the Christmas and blogging "spirit", and since I've lost my rhythm with getting content out, what better way to get back into it, and a festive way at that!

 I am not sure that I will always have very interesting things to blog about every day this month, but I guess we will see. The fun part will be simply documenting it as it unfolds. It is easy for me to see my simple redundant teaching-dance-all-the-time-life as rather predictable and unfascinating, but one of the things I love about keeping this blog is that it forces me to take a closer look at my day and note all of the smaller but just as important and precious things that take place in it, in an effort to scrounge up something interesting to tell you all about, giving me opportunity to discover things I can be grateful for that I might have otherwise overlooked. Over the next couple of days, you will be hearing about many of the mundane happenings I will be experiencing, but also about some of the special moments too! I'm sure throughout the month you will also be hearing about the lessons God is teaching me, and I will see what I can do about slipping a DIY or holiday recipe in there too somewhere if I can.  

The beautiful Christmas tree at Cavod Performing Arts!

Today I will begin Blogmas 2022 by simply sharing with you all my bucket list for the month of December! Enjoy!


            • Finish a book
            • Go ice-skating
            • See the Nutcracker
            • Attend a holiday Makers Market
            • Build a gingerbread house
            • Go see Christmas lights
            • Make Christmas cards
            • Bake cookies
            • Attend the Christmas Eve Church Service
            • Successfully participate in Blogmas all 25 days



25 days until Christmas! What will you be up to this month? 
Stop by for some more daily Blogmas updates from me!
Love you, my dear readers!

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