Friday, December 2, 2022

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

-    Blogmas  Day Two   .  Let  The  Festivities  Begin  !    - 

This evening was the annual Christmas party held for Cavod's Citylight dancers and hosted by my co-worker Jill and I. I always enjoy connecting with my students outside of the dance studio. We had such a great time! 

 I honestly have not felt very Christmasy this year. Not yet. I don't think I have ever before experienced a year like this feeling so empty, unenthusiastic, and unprepared regarding the holiday season. I have no tree up, no gifts bought, no tunes playing. It's not that I'm feeling like a grinch or anything. December has just come so fast out of nowhere! I'm simply not ready for it, neither practically or emotionally. But ready or not, it is here!

This evening's party was the most Christmasy thing I have done so far (I guess it is only the second day of December). It ended up being so fun and good for my soul even though I started the top of the day feeling exhausted and later stressing slightly about all the preparations needing to be done. I think the social anxiety I get sometimes before parties (even parties for my students) had something to do with it, but everything went so wonderfully smooth. I ended the day feeling more relaxed than when it started.

We shared dinner together potluck style, did a White Elephant Gift Swap, played charades "Christmas Carol" style, and made gingerbread houses which I think was my favorite part! I found these three-dollar gingerbread house frames at Ollies (It was a totally amazing find!), and the students did not disappoint when it came to fulfilling our request of them to bring diverse and the-best-of-the-best candy toppings/ house decorations. 

Nom nom nom...

Jill and I made the one in the middle, "Confetti Christmas"! πŸ™‚ You can ignore the fact that there might
be a little problem with its construction. It held up all night!

Despite my lack of feeling the "Christmas Spirit" lately, there is no shortage regarding the gratitude
I have in my heart for the people God has put in my life this season.

One Christmas party down, several more on the horizon; I can't tell if they are helping cultivate more "Christmas Spirit" in me...or if all the planning, prepping, and shopping they require is just making me more exhausted. Ah, tis the season. But I know all of it is worth it in the end seeing the smiling faces of the people around me I get to serve, fellowship, and celebrate with. I know "Christmas Spirit" has little to do with the reason for the season anyway. I will FOREVER be in dumbfounded awe and wonder over the precious give granted to us in the form of the little baby who grew up to live the perfect life we could not, die a sinners death he did not deserve, and then raise to life to finish the work that brings us peace, and wholeness, freedom, and right-standing with God.  

" My  soul  magnifies  the  Lord , 

and   my  spirit  rejoices  in  God  my  Savior,"

Luke 1:46-47

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