Sunday, December 11, 2022

Sunday Best

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Hi everyone! Today was a fairly typical Sunday. Church, Wegmans, friends, rest. Not much to report, except can I just say, I've broken a record!!! I've blogged for eleven days straight! I'm feeling so accomplished right now as I have never done that before. With that being said, even after making the commitment earlier to blog every day leading up to Christmas, I've decided to loosen up the expectations a little bit and grant myself the grace to skip days if needed. 

Blogging daily has been a MOST enjoyable process...but a VERY time-consuming one, which is the main factor influencing my decision to step back from it a little bit. Ideally, it would have been so cool and wonderful to document all the days leading up to Christmas, and every day for that matter, as I believe every day usually has at least one thing special about it worth remembering, documenting/sharing about... but I've decided to be a "big girl" and let myself be a little flexible with this insignificant commitment to myself since I've started to notice the pattern of losing sleep over the sake of writing and editing for Blogmas. As hard as it was to make this decision I think it is the wisest thing and for the best! You wouldn't have caught me making wise decisions like this a year ago. I must be growing up lol.  

BUT, in accordance with my desire to keep my blog active and current/relevant, and still participate in Blogmas, I will be continuing to do my best to post as frequently as possible, just not at the expense of my sleep OR at the expense of the post's quality, which was another reason for deciding not to "just post something daily for the sake of posting something", if I have nothing quality to post about.

I think overall since I am not a full-time influencer 😜, and have an equally time-consuming rich life to lead offline as much as online, this is the best decision to make in order to keep both realms healthily balanced! But I am so excited going forward. I have learned a thing or two the past couple days regarding how to become faster and more consistent with creating content and have gained fresh vision and creative inspiration for The Occupied Optimist going forward (online and offline to be honest!) Would you get excited with me and wish me luck! Thank you readers who have stuck by me and are following along on the journey!

My church's Christmas tree! Crossway's Christmas tree, In all its glory!

I got these Christmas gifts from my Secret Santa from church today! Isn't the wrapping paper just darling!!! Want to know what is in them? me too!
I guess you will just have to come back and see my next blog post in order to find out! 


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