Sunday, December 18, 2022

Blogmas Week Two

 -  Blogmas  Week Two  .  Friends  &  Musicals  &  Presents ,  Oh  My!  -

What a pretty busy week it has been for me. I'm glad I took a break from blogging because there is no way I would have been able to keep up with it all throughout the week. But now it is time to give ya a good update! The week began more chill than it ended. Monday was just a normal teaching day for me. Nothing too exciting went down that day...

- Tuesday -

Tuesday also was a fairly normal teaching day with no festivities to report of, but I will mention Tuesdays are one of my favorite teaching days! This past Tuesday marked my last day working closely with Cavod's Citylight Dance Theater Junior team (pictured above), until next year. I love these young ladies so much! They are a fun crew and an absolute delight to set choreography on. I am so proud of all they have accomplished this year so far!

 - Wednesday -

Wednesday was a fun day for me! A group of my friends and I enjoyed a night "out on the town". I think it was about 24 of us that got together to attend "A White Christmas" performed at the Fulton Opera House in downtown Lancaster. It had been quite a while since I had last seen a show at the Fulton. Thank you to the Blatts for the invitation! We had a great time!

The view from the balcony

 - The  Weekend -

Thursday was chill, or should I say chilly! It was the first day of the season that freezing rain, sleet, and snow were forecasted. I was feeling pretty tired of "extroverting" by the time Friday rolled around, but I persevered forward. Friday evening after teaching a series of private lessons and conducting a two-hour rehearsal with the Citylight Dance Theater Senior Company, I then switched gears, and outfits to attend Cavod's Holiday Staff Party. It was a beautiful night at the Detweiler's Farm. Dinner was served inside a greenhouse with twinkle lights and candles everywhere! It was so magical. I regret not taking any pictures.

Saturday, just when I didn't think I had any energy left, I tapped into an extra reserve to get me through a seven-hour adventure with some dear friends of mine at Hershey Park's Christmas Candy Lane. The air was nippy and the lines were long, but we had ourselves a great time regardless. It was the perfect festive activity needed to help get me in the Christmas Spirit and I so cherished the quality time spent with the people pictured below.

gotta have a car selfie!

Our favorite interactive ride "Reese's Cupfusion" had a long line (90 mins.) but it was worth the wait!

All bundled up...

Freezing our butts waiting in line, trying to stay optimistic  😝


pretty lights aglow

... Lastly

Pictured here are the gifts unwrapped and revealed, from my last blog post for those of you who were curious as to what my Secret Santa from church got me! Her gift selections were all so perfect for me and so thoughtful! I was all smiles opening them up! She did a great job! 

7 more days till Christmas! I am excited, but also am starting to feel the pressure as I still have several cards and gifts I desire to make before the big day. I didn't EVEN TRY to procrastinate this year. Time just got away from me, but ready or not, 


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