Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ballet Magnificat's Light Has Come

Now we are fully concentrated on preparing for our upcoming performances at Thalia Mara Hall in downtown Jackson this coming weekend! We will be presenting our newest ballet entitled "Light Has Come- The Angels' Story" in celebration of Ballet Magnificat's 30th anniversary. At this point, "Light Has Come" has already been premiered around the country, but we have yet to perform it here in our home, Jackson Mississippi. Both the Alpha and Omega companies will be incorporated into this production as well as our School Of The Arts and Trainee companies. It's going to be huge! The costumes are gorgeous and the sets are stunning! If you are in town, you don't want to miss it! I think this is my most favorite ballet that we've ever done here at Ballet Magnificat! It is a clear reminder that Jesus really is the reason for the season. So far we have taken "Light Has Come" to Alabama, Kentucky, and Texas, and it has been so well received! It's depiction of God's displayed power, love, and victory through his son Jesus, is overwhelming, powerful, and impactful. I'd say that it would be hard for anyone to leave the theater 'untouched', whether being one of the performers like me, or an audience member. The Holy Spirit speaks to me through it every single time! Check out these reviews I've collected from a few of our audience members from around the country:

"Ballet Magnificat's "Light has Come" is an awesome and unique interpretation of a very popular Bible story. Their choreography and presentation of it is absolutely beautiful! Their love for serving and honoring the Lord is apparent in every single dance! The ballet is compelling and inspiring, it is definitely a must-see this Christmas season, and I would recommend it to anyone!
~ Zoe Brickner (Ballet Magnificat Summer Dance Intensive Student) 
      "Light has Come" is a beautiful and moving performance centering around the birth, life, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The expert choreography showcased in stunning costumes takes your breathe away and brings hope and joy to everyone who attends. The family-friendly production communicates love from God our Father in a real and tangible way that encourages all of us. "Light has Come" shatters the darkness of our own personal circumstances leaving all to recognize He is King of Kings and He still sits on the throne of glory!" ~Allison Wood (Dance Mom)

                                                                  "I thoroughly enjoyed Light Has Come. The dancing and message are beautiful and inspiring. Act I is more so uplifting and inspiring, while Act II is more dramatic and includes the death and resurrection of Jesus. The staff of Ballet Magnificat has a gift they use for The the glory of God and are great at ministering with the audience members. What a blessing!" ~Carol Jeanette (Audience Member)

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