Sunday, January 3, 2021

Celebrating 5 Years!

Not only is it the start of a brand new year ( and I pray to God it ushers in as much refreshment, excitement, and newfound hope for you, as it does for me...) but it is also "The Occupied Optimist's" five year anniversary! Ekk! I think this is so exciting! I also have an odd sense of pride about it. My blog has come so far since my first post, and even though I've wavered in consistency with updating it, and for sure have slowed my roll, especially in recent years, I am simply pleased with myself for overall sticking with it! New inspiration has settled upon me to dust off the abandoned corners of this blog, tidy things up, and get back to writing again- a therapeutic hobby I miss! 

My life has evolved SO much over the past year or so. I have LOTS to tell, but I need you all to tell me what YOU are interested in reading about. You may or may not know, God recently called me out of a nearly decade-long stint of traveling the world as a professional ballet dancer, to settle back into "normal life" again here in Lancaster, PA. Yes. It's going well. And yes, I have lots to tell. I am somewhat dumbfounded and astonished by those of you that have stuck around long enough to follow me on my journey up until this point. How pleasant it has been for me to have your company along the way. I am truly thankful for it! And if you're newer, well I'm thankful for you too, that you would choose to take time out of your day to read what I have to say. You can expect more, informative, personal, inspiring, and encouraging content to come your way this year! In celebration of this new chapter, enjoy The Occupied Optimist's new "facelift". It was about time I updated the site design and layout! Newness is everywhere!

" Do not call to mind the former things ;  pay no attention to the things of old .  Behold !  I am about to do something new ;  Now it  springs up ;  do you not perceive it ?  I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland . "    
~ Isaiah 43:18-19

So there has been this recent trend of people posting favorite pics for each month of memorable events that happened last year. I seriously considered including something like that at the end of this blog post, for my first post of 2021! I love taking photos and usually have myriads to choose from on my iPhone, but the more I got to thinking about it I realized this past year has been very different; an exceptionally uneventful year with not too many happy or memorable events to look back on. Not to say, I don't have TONS of things to be thankful for from this past year, just that I don't have too many pictures of those things that have been more so conceptual than concrete. So instead, I'm going to finish off this blog post with some silly footage of something I spotted out in downtown Lancaster that I feel perfectly depicts how many of us may be saying sayonara to 2020. 

 * Have a happy and blessed new year to you and yours! *


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