Saturday, December 3, 2022

Crazy Blogmas Day Three

-    Blogmas  Day  Three  .  Nutcracker  and  Makers  Market  Haul  !    - 

Me and the Nut :)
Busy times! It looks like I'm about to knock out nearly half of my December Bucketlist
in just one weekend! Yes, busy times for sure, but also fun - lots of parties, church events, Christmas shows, gift exchanges etc. This month is definitely not without the challenging balancing act of how to best spend our time, money, and also energy too (which I often forget to take into consideration) without burning out! I hope this introvert makes it through the month with all the social engagements I've committed myself to. Ready or not, here it all comes! Can you relate?

Hey then! Let's breathe deeply, take it all in stride, and make sure we count our blessings as we go! 😉 


This Morning,  I started my day by stopping by the Lancaster County Christian School Holiday Craft Show. I really enjoyed the experience and meeting some of the vendors. My original intention for attending the craft show was to show support to some special friends of mine who were selling their amazing creations to the world as first-time craft show vendors, which I thought was really exciting and inspirational! Participating as a vendor in a maker's market myself is something I have always dreamed about doing. I also ended up getting a little shopping done as well!

My friends at their lovely stand! 

This is what I bought: A few books, some fun cookies, and some crocheted items, all to be gifted!

In The Afternoon,  I attended the local Nutcracker with another dear friend of mine, one of my students. It had been years since I had last seen the Nutcracker! Put on by the "Viktor Yeliohin International Ballet Academy", It was cute and we has a good time.

"Cheese!"  📷


Thought I would share a pic from when I was in
The Nutcracker. I believe I was 13 or 14 here.

Then,  I went home to prep things for my tomorrow, which is going to be even more full and more crazy but I guess you will just have to stay tuned to hear more about it!! I think the following picture captures it well... All those bags...No, they are not groceries, No, they are not trash, but all those bags are what I will be loading into my car tomorrow morning and are what is needed for all my Sunday adventures. 

... Stay Tuned !


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